My Experience Using Hotelied to Find Lower Hotel Room Rates

Most recently on the internet, there has been much buzz about a new hotel booking website called Hotelied. Hotelied is a new startup venture where you can book hotels at a discounted price based on your social media status. Their slogan is “It Pays to be you”. “What if your profession, social media status, and travel history made YOU the next best thing? It’s time to experience a travel site that gives you the unconditional love and luxury you deserve. Welcome to Hotelied.”

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I was quite intrigued on this concept on saving money on hotel rooms, so I signed up – why not? It’s free after all.

After signing up, I was directed to the top navigation bar where it states, “Link your social networks and travel programs to get the best discounts.” The concept of Hotelied is simple – you link up your social network accounts, hotel loyalty programs, and airline frequent flyer accounts to get the best discount available. Currently, 50% is the maximum discount but that can change in the future perhaps.

First, I linked up my social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Be aware that it’s important to link your Social Networks for a better maximum discount. Social networks strengthen your profile, and help us find you a better deal.


Then, I linked up my hotel loyalty programs such as Hyatt Gold Passport, Hilton HHonors (Gold), IHG Rewards (Gold), and Starwood Preferred Guest (Platinum 50). Also, be aware that it’s important to link your Hotel Loyalty Programs for a better maximum discount. Loyalty programs strengthen your profile, and help us find you a better deal.


Lastly, I linked up my airline loyalty programs such as British Airways Executive Club. Note that it’s important to link your Airline Loyalty Programs for a better maximum discount. Loyalty programs strengthen your profile, and help us find you a better deal.


After linking my social networks, hotel rewards, and airline rewards, I was offered a maximum of 50% discount on hotels booked on Hotelied.


For what it’s worth, Hotelied also displayed my profile strength as: Jetsetter.


Now that I was equipped with up to a 50% discount on Hotelied, it was time to see what kind of deals I could come up with. One deal that stood out was The LINE Hotel which offered up to a 50% discount on Hotelied.


I was quickly intrigued and plugged in a sample date for one night on June 19-June 20. Instantly, the price dropped from $179 to $135 which was a 25% discount.


I tried to plug in many dates for the rest of the year and I couldn’t yield more than 25% despite my profile strength as a Jetsetter with a maximum of up to 50%. The price of $135 was not bad at all considering The LINE Hotel’s direct website was offering a room for $179.


Even 3rd party sites on came up with the same $179 price.


It’s great that Hotelied is in the playing field with other hotel startups such as HotelTonight and Stayful. It’s also amazing to have another free tool in my portfolio when it comes to finding lower priced hotel room rates. I’ll definitely be logging into Hotelied more to check up on further discounts and new boutique hotels being added in the future.

Have you used Hotelied?


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  1. Jamison, thanks so much for the great write up. I’d like to point out that in addition to social media status, travel loyalty status, and profession, hotels can offer guests discounts based on their type of stay. For example, you can unlock additional discounts when you stay a certain number of nights (say 3+), or if their stay includes specific day(s) of the week. Try your search again for a 3 night stay that includes a Monday and see what discounts you can access at The LINE and other properties. Feel free to reach out to with any questions. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on your social media diva status. Those rates are similar to what you’d get on even as a regular schmo, for what it’s worth.

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