Is it OK to Stockpile Bath Amenities from the Hotel Room?


Earlier this week, I wrote “Is it OK to Stockpile Food and Drink from the Airport Lounge?” A few days ago, I also tweeted that I must admit that I am a hoarder of hotel bath amenities.


That same day, one of my Twitter followers (@GuyAS) tweeted me saying that I might have competition and showed me his stash from only a three night stay at a Hilton overseas. He even collects the small jams and jellies from room service.

jamhoard5 jamhoard6

Today, he showed me more of his stash from Hilton. I was floored when I saw his remarkable collection of Hilton bath amenities. He must have boxes and boxes of these all separated by category!

jamhoard4 jamhoard3

Have you taken bath amenities from the hotel room? Are you obsessive like us?


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9 Comments on "Is it OK to Stockpile Bath Amenities from the Hotel Room?"

  1. A good idea for the toiletries you won’t be able to personally use is to donate them to a local shelter. Contact the shelter and ask first if they’re in need, but I’d bet most could use them.

    Sidenote: that’s a lot of hotel shower caps there Jamison. 😛

  2. Ugh, what a nightmare. I always travel with my own refillable bottles (the same ones I take to the gym). All of that plastic and stink of perfume-y artificial scented amenity products make my stomach turn.

    • Given a lot away as I take my fav products. The first photo items are very good toiletries -some vegan and paraben free. Hilton are ok -given a box away to staff who appreciate them. !

  3. They are consumables that you’ve purchased bundled inside your room rate. It’s like a doggie bag for leftovers from your (non-buffet) meal. Of course it’s fine.

  4. Miles, Points, and Mai Tais | September 6, 2013 at 3:50 pm | Reply

    I have way more than I need so now I usually only take it if its Bvlgari or Bliss.

  5. Sure, go ahead and take them if you really want. It doesn’t bother me at all. Personally, though, I came to a point in my life where I realize that (1) although I am cheap, I do have boundries, and that is one (2) I don’t like clutter, be it in my suitcase/toiletry bag or bathroom cabinet at home, and (3) does the trivial financial gain outweigh the environmental consequences of all the single-serving packaging?

    Re: donating to a shelter. If you are taking with the intent of doing that, I would consider it stealing from the hotel. Those do cost money, and your practice became commonplace, I am sure we’d see it reflected in higher room rates. TTLBJ the hotel industry hasn’t followed the airlines down the one-way path towards fee-crazy. I see it now… fees for each square of toilet paper or for each degree lower you set the A/C.

  6. I’ll take unopened soap and lotion at times, but only when it is high end and I plan to use it. That Hilton collection will end up on TLC’s hoarders at some point. What’s the point if you don use it?

  7. I do if it’s high end brand which I use for future trips where I am not staying in a hotel. Easier than refilling containers for me.

    I like it when hotels carry Bliss, Kiehl’s, Malin Goetz or Le Labo.

  8. Now, I think I missed so many Collection – I would had a boxes similar like this, But thanks to this interesting post, It’s better late than never… Hope to catch up with you guys soon..

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