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mini NYC DO at City Lobster Manhattan


This past Monday, I had tweet up for a mini NYC DO at City Lobster Manhattan. Last week, I sent out a tweet saying “I’ll be in NYC on Monday! Meet up?”

The Miles Professor chimed in saying “How many miles people do you need for a mini DO?”

More of my followers chimed in and I almost had ten people say they were going to meet up. The Miles Professor lives in New York City, so she recommended City Lobster in Manhattan for $1 oysters during Happy Hour.

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It took me an hour and a half to get to City Lobster from the Sheraton JFK Airport hotel because I took a slow Q10 bus to the F train during rush hour after settling into the hotel. I made it on time to get to 6th and 49th Street around 6:25pm.

The Miles Professor had just gotten off work from her day job and we sat inside the bar. Minutes later, I get a tweet from Seth at 6:27pm confirming if we were still meeting up.

It turns out that Seth brought his friend to the mini NYC DO which was great because it didn’t look like the turnout was going to be so great because a lot of people said they were going to meet up at a much later time.

Another Twitter follower of mine, Aninha was in town for graduation celebrations and just so happened to be touring in NYC. She sent me a Direct Message asking if she can swing by. I said by all means, please do!

I had a glass of Shiraz and a dozen oysters.

We talked for two hours nonstop about miles and points, but it was getting late for some people so we had to cut the DO at around 8:30pm. A few more people were going to join us much later, but sadly our group disbanded early.

In the end, we ordered a bunch of wine and mixed drinks including five rounds of a dozen oysters. It was also very generous that Seth picked up the whole tab. Thanks Seth!


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