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The Sights and Sounds of Plaza Las Delicias in Ponce Puerto Rico


Plaza Las Delicias is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It’s basically the main plaza in the city surrounded by bars, restaurants, street vendors, tourist shops, and the occasional beggar. Plaza Las Delicias in Ponce is surrounded by beautiful architecture with plenty of fountains and greenery.

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The Sights and Sounds of Plaza Las Delicias in Ponce Puerto Rico
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Banco Popular de Ponce is one of the main banks in Puerto Rico and there is no doubt there is a huge presence in the main square.

The center of Plaza Las Delicias contains a lush green park with fountains and monuments.

Looking outwards towards the plaza, you can find the Legislatura Municipal Autonoma, Casa Alcaldia (City Hall), and the Edificio Municipal.

Around the corner, you can find Parque de Bombas which is the old Ponce Fire Station and now serves as a museum and a tourist center. You can find free maps, special tours, and offers when you sign their guestbook.

You can also find the Residencia Armstrong-Poventud which is a museum and the famous Ponce cathedral in Plaza Las Delicias.

There is a lot of color in the city as many of Ponce’s historic Spanish colonial, Art Deco and neo-Classical buildings are currently being restored.

You can find street vendors selling lottery tickets on a daily basis around the corners of the city.

Shopkeepers don’t want you to bring in food or drink into their shop. I found this one quite amusing.


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