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The Various Eats in Ponce Puerto Rico


I was walking around downtown Ponce Puerto for a good two hours and could not locate a single non-fast food restaurant in the vicinity. There are plenty of fast food restaurants and street vendors around Plaza Las Delicias. You can find many street vendors offering Piraguas which is also known as a snow cone.

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The Various Eats in Ponce Puerto Rico

Piraguas is a delicious mix of ice with tropical fruit flavors.

Next to the Piraguas vendor was another street vendor selling pinchos, which is a Puerto Rican kebab.

There was a restaurant called Café Plaza, but the restaurant was closed for lunch and only the bar area was open.

There are plenty of coffee shops, ice cream shops, and pizza places. One restaurant that stood out was called Pizzalato, which offers gelato and pizza.

Fruit and vegetable stall vendors can be seen on the streets of Ponce.

Unable to find a nice sit down restaurant, I settled for Burger King (out of all places). They advertised fried chicken which was a new item. I have never seen fried chicken in a Burger King, so I tried it out and it was actually delicious!

Afterwards, I went to the Hilton Ponce Hotel and enjoyed $4 DonQ mojitos during happy hour by the pool.


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