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The Various Eats in Fajardo Puerto Rico


It was tough to find a decent local restaurant in Fajardo that was not closed.  It was lunch time and I didn’t want to settle for a chain restaurant at the Fajrado Marketplace. I drove by several options and found a banner ad for food, but could not locate the restaurant.

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The Various Eats in Fajardo Puerto Rico

I stopped by Plaza de Fajardo and found a restaurant called Dos Pepper which served Mexican and Italian food. I thought that was a strange combination, so I passed.

I also found a Chinese restaurant, but I wasn’t in the mood for Chinese.

I drove to the Fajardo Harbor and found one restaurant that was open which was called Café Delicias. I had shark meat pastelillos (empanadas) and a Medalla Light beer. The shark meat was surprisingly tasty and cheap.

I wasn’t feeling full from the restaurant, so I drove to Laguna Grande and tried out pinchos de pollo which are also known as BBQ chicken skewers. The chicken skewer came with a small piece of bread and I washed it down with a refreshing DonQ Pina Colada.

For dinner, I ate at the El Conquistador hotel where I had two mojitos made with Bacardi rum.

I also ordered a margherita pizza since the kitchen was closed at 11pm and the only thing working was their wood fire oven near the bar. There aren’t many options for dinner at 11pm at the El Conquistador hotel.

The next day, I drove to San Juan and had lunch at Batidas which also serves breakfast. I had a beef and pork dish with rice and salad which was tasty.


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