Passengers Play Departure Roulette at JFK Airport with Heineken


Heineken decided to set up a “departure roulette” at New York Kennedy’s JFK Airport. Basically, passengers were randomly asked if they could drop their current travel plans and travel to a more adventurous destination. If they said yes, they would push a button and win a free trip to a random destination. Here’s a YouTube video on how Heineken’s #dropped campaign works:

Would you be up for changing your travel plans if this were to happen to you?


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2 Comments on "Passengers Play Departure Roulette at JFK Airport with Heineken"

  1. Very interesting concept! How long would it take for typical Flyertalkers to show up at the airport with a fully refundable ticket to a nearby city in hopes of winning a big trip! What happens if they don’t have a visa for the place they win?

    • Tt’s definitely an interesting concept. I could imagine the contestants would press the button again to find another destination if they didn’t have the proper visa.

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