Why I’m Ending My Relationship With Delta Airlines For Good


Recently I wrote about having a Love/Hate Relationship with Delta Airlines.

So this year, I have acquired 36,361 MQM’s (Medallion Qualifying Miles) including 21,717 MQM’s rolled over from last year. That means that I have accumulated 14,644 MQM’s in 2013. Today, Delta Airlines introduced a Medallion Qualification Dollar Tracker so we could see how much MQD’s we have accumulated this calendar yet, but won’t count until the program begins in 2014 for US Customers. Looking at the chart, I have spent $317 so far accumulating 14,644 MQM’s this year.


The $317 MQD does not include fuel surcharges (YQ) and taxes. This is surprisingly a low spend considering I earned 14,644 MQM’s this year. At this rate, I’m averaging a rate of 0.0216 MQD per MQD. To reach Diamond Medallion, which requires 125,000 MQM’s, I would need to spend $2,700 + fuel surcharges + taxes under the current program.

Under the 2014 Medallion Qualifying Program, if I reached 125,000 MQM’s, I won’t be a newly minted Diamond Medallion. I will barely crack Silver Medallion by spending $2,700 according to the Medallion Qualifying Levels chart.


This is definitely death of the mileage run which is mostly all the fares that I buy. I won’t be spending $25,000 on an American Express co-branded Delta Skymiles credit card for the waiver. It doesn’t make sense. I really hope American Airlines doesn’t follow suit or else I will need to find a new airline loyalty program.

What do you think about Delta’s new online Medallion Qualification Tracker?


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5 Comments on "Why I’m Ending My Relationship With Delta Airlines For Good"

  1. I’ve had status with Delta for about 8 straight years. Got the same problem. I won’t play their game. My credit card spend is too valuable to waste on their card.

    I just might have to buy all my Delta flights through WalMart’s travel agency.

  2. Will Run For Miles | September 10, 2013 at 7:34 pm | Reply

    I have a lot of delta miles, so I might keep my options open another year or so, even if it means doing to the credit card spend.

  3. I’ve fly a good amount on Delta planes, but haven’t paid for one flight with them since 2006. I think that makes me their least favorite customer (am I even a customer if I don’t pay them money?)

    Definitely drop them for your paid flights. I’ll post later this week how to get Delta GM status for cheap, since you did 36k last year if you want to keep Silver the technique works for that too.

  4. Definitely makes sense for award travel only for you based on AMEX transfers and Starwood points, especially since you’re a Starwood lover and get free upgrades and earn points via Platinum status.

  5. It’s Delta Air Lines. Funny that an FF “expert” wouldn’t know that…

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