My Local CVS Instituted Anti Money Laundering Guidelines

I’ve previously written two articles about CVS and Manufactured Spending with Vanilla Reloads.

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My Local CVS Instituted Anti Money Laundering Guidelines

I’m not a huge manufactured spender like Amol or @PatMikeL, but I do visit CVS quite a bit. I popped by my local CVS today in Los Angeles and noticed a new note by the cashier labeled “Money Laundering Huddle Guidelines”.


The entire note reads as follows:


Money Laundering Huddle Guidelines

1. Money Order Daily Limits – $2,500

2. Money Transfer Daily Limits – $2,000

3. Pre-Paid Products Limit – $5,000 – no more than 10 cards per day

4. Scams at no time must any employee process any transaction through the phone for anyone claiming to be a CVS employee or field management.

I went ahead and bought the few remaining Vanilla Reloads left and asked the cashier about the Money Laundering policy. The cashier said that the company is aware of the situation. I don’t know what she meant by that, but it sounds scary.

Is buying prepaid cards with mileage earning credit cards coming to an end at CVS soon?


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  1. The collection of certain personal information has major risks, IMO… here’s my recent post on the related topic:

  2. gustavo figueroa | July 2, 2015 at 12:47 pm | Reply

    i went to buy 2 money orders for $ 37.50 each. the clerk scanned my DL and said I had reached my limit of 2500.00. I have not purchased a money order in years

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