This International Airport Sells Counterfeit Electronics and Accessories

Two weeks ago, I went on a trip to Barranquilla, Colombia where I landed at Barranquilla Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport. The baggage claim area was quite small with two baggage claim carousels and the arrivals hall was tiny. It was the tiniest international airport I’ve ever been to and I was surprised to find out Barranquilla Airport was the first ever airport built in South America. I had an amazing time spending five days in the beautiful city of Barranquilla and I didn’t want to leave.

I had an early morning flight to Bogota on LAN Airlines and I arrived way too early. There were no lines at security and only 8 gates at the airport. On my way to the departure gate waiting area, I noticed that there was a vending machine selling electronics and accessories at the airport.

Barranquillaairport1 Barranquillaairport2

I’m always intrigued by these things, so I took a further look. I saw generic USB Power adapters and Earbuds for 20,000 Colombian Pesos ~ $9.73 USD which was quite reasonable.


Upon closer inspection, I saw Beats by Dr. Dre earbud headphones for 15,000 Colombian Pesos ~ $7.30 USD. How could Dr. Dre headphones be more expensive than generic earbuds? They must be fake.


A quick rundown on finds that the cheapest Beats by Dr. Dr earbuds goes for $67.98 USD.


There were also other items being sold such as Sandisk removable storage cards in 8GB size for 20,000 COP ~ $9.73 USD and 16GB size for 30,000 COP ~ $14.60 USD which seem to be normal prices. However, I still question its authenticity even with the Sandisk brand name packaging.


Another item that shocked me was something that resembles awfully close to an Apple iPod Shuffle which was selling for 35,000 COP ~ $17.03 USD.  It even includes pre-loaded music.


There was even an Apple branded Lightning cable in its original packaging selling for only 10,000 COP ~ $4.86 USD which was a steal. This was also something I suspected that was counterfeit as the Apple store sells these for $19.00 USD and they never go on sale.


Come to think of it, I should’ve bought some of these lightning cables for $4.86 as I forked out $19.00+ tax the other day at the Apple Store.


Would you buy any of these items from the vending machine?


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