Trip Report: My Fall Vacation to El Salvador

Tonight, I’m headed on a red-eye flight to El Salvador where I’ll be spending the week in the San Salvador area. A few months ago, there was a promotion where award flights on Delta Air Lines to Latin America were reduced. I booked the round-trip flight using 30,000 Delta Air Lines Skymiles in economy coach class and I got upgraded to business class due to my Gold Medallion status. One of the great benefits of being a Gold Medallion and above is that you can receive complimentary upgrades on award tickets which is fabulous.

I’ll be flying non-stop from LAX-SAL-LAX.


I’m really excited about this trip since my goal for the next few years is to explore every country in Latin America. Ever since my recent trip to Costa Rica, I fell in love with the beautiful Central American beaches, lush rainforests, and picturesque sceneries. I love being able to speak Spanish in a foreign country as well because I can get a local’s insight of what El Salvador is really like.

I’ll be driving in El Salvador and hopefully I won’t be giving bribe money to a cop and won’t get held up at knifepoint in San Salvador.

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  1. I look forward to the usual awesome trip report. Be safe.

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