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American Airlines MIA-PTY 737-800 Business Class

After hanging out at the American Airlines Flagship Lounge at LAX Terminal 4, I boarded for my red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Miami (LAX-MIA) and landed at Miami International Airport at 4:50am. I hung out at the MIA Admirals Club since I had a 5 hour layover before my flight from Miami to Panama City (MIA-PTY). The flight time from Miami to Panama City, Panama was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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American Airlines MIA-PTY 737-800 Business Class
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American Airlines PTY-MIA 737-800 Business Class

The plane from MIA-PTY was a Boeing 737-800 (738) with a 2-2 configuration in the Business Class cabin. I chose the bulkhead aisle since it’s my favorite seat.

After the plane reached cruising altitude, the flight attendant asked me what I would like to drink. At this point, I usually order my favorite cranberry and vodka with lime, but when I don’t feel like drinking alcohol, I order a coke with lime. This was a 9:50am morning flight and I was surprised the flight had hot mixed nuts during breakfast time.

For breakfast, I had the Smoked Salmon and Bagel accompanied by Bibb leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, caper berry and whipped cream cheese. It was served along with a fruit salad along with a piece of chocolate in wrapper. Upon closer examination, the type of bread that was served was mysterious and resembled nothing like a bagel.

Here’s a closer look at the breakfast entrée which I’ve had before on previous flights such as Los Angeles to New York (LAX-JFK) and Miami to Los Angeles (MIA-LAX). It’s basically a signature transcontinental breakfast dish which is one of my favorites.

The flight attendant also asked if I would like a breakfast pastry and I said, “Yes, please.” It was basically a hot chocolate chip scone which was absolutely delicious.

The service on this flight was excellent with drinks being topped off and the plates were being cleared in a quick manner. Flying to Latin America on American Airlines is always a joy and there is always something unexpected such as hot nuts for breakfast and being served a bagel which isn’t really a bagel. The chocolate chip scone was nothing I’ve ever seen being served onboard American Airlines and that was a delightful sweet surprise.


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