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Singapore 2014: Cathay Pacific Lounge at SIN with Priority Pass

Singapore 2014: Cathay Pacific Lounge at SIN with Priority Pass

One thing to note about this lounge is that it is 24 hours. This would be a good place to take a nap before your flight or if you want to rough it for a few hours if you are flying into Singapore late at night and don’t want to spring for a cab and a night at a hotel.

You can gain access to this lounge with Priority Pass or elite status with OneWorld. I got in with Priority Pass as I was flying with Jetstar that day. There are two halves of this lounge. Food is on the left side (first picture) with the quiet or business area to the right (seen on the second picture)

Here was the food available around noon time.

There was also another small area of the lounge. This was just another sitting area. There is also a small assortment of food here as well with coffee and drinks just to the right of this area.


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