Singapore 2014: Jetstar SIN-KUL and 10kg carry-on Policy

Singapore 2014: Jetstar SIN-KUL and 10kg carry-on Policy

The check-in agent was kind enough to let me carry it on the flight but another agent had me weigh my bag on my way to the departure area. My large bag clocked in at around 13.9kg, a bit over the 10kg limit. He was also forcing me to put my large Canon 6D camera into the bag as well as to get a higher weight.

I had two choices, pay SG$20 per kg or check in something to reduce the weight. They didn’t necessarily mention that I can check in a bag as I had prepaid for a check-in bag just in case but they were trying to get me to cough up the penalty. I decided to go back to the front of the airport to repack.

Once I was out of the sight of the over weight luggage agent, I found a nearby escalator to go downstairs. I walked to the other end of the terminal and get into the departures that way. Jetstar only had their check-in area at the other end of the airport so I was pretty confident I could sneak around any other Jetstar agents on my way into the departure area. I got through immigration and through the gate security without any hassles.

The gate agents didn’t say anything at all about my bag and it was stowed just fine into the overhead bins on the A320.

IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0039 IMG_0040

Flight was good and very short. If you wanted almost anything you had to pay for it. Not sure if water was free but I didn’t need it for a 50 minute flight.

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