Weekly Running Update 2014-04-28

Weekly Running Update 2014-04-28

This week was a decent week of training. I missed my Monday run because of the Boston Marathon. I didn’t run, but I ended up driving almost all day on Uber/Lyft and was too tired at the end of the day to do my 6 miles. I did 6 miles Wednesday and Thursday. They were pretty good runs, at about 9 minute pace. It turned out it was a bit too quick.

I had my marathon Sunday and it was a great day for the race on a flat course. My hamstrings didn’t cooperate and tightened up towards the end. I was on track for about a 5 hour finish but had to walk the last few miles so dropped down to a 5:17. I hope to slow it down a bit and run around 5:10 this weekend in Tacoma.

Long Term training

Once I get back to Seattle, I’ll work on recovering and building up mileage again. I was at 18 miles for my long run last week, so I’ll try to run 18 miles again the weekend after Seattle. I’ll gradually be building my mileage until June when I will start the marathon training program. I have some travel coming up over the next 6 weeks so I wanted to give myself some extra wiggle room in training and then focus on a program once I’m done.

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