Antarctica Marathon 2014: Shakeout Run in Buenos Aires

Antarctica Marathon 2014: Shakeout Run in Buenos Aires

This post details the short pre-marathon run when we arrived in Buenos Aires.

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So the afternoon after arrival, Thom had planned about an hour run into the conservation area in the late afternoon. We arrived at the hotel before noon so we had a few hours to ourselves before the run. Most of us flew at least 8 hours to get here so he wanted to get our legs loose after flying for so long.

We met outside the lobby of the hotel on the street. There were two groups, a faster group let by Thom and a slower group led by Bill.

This run was also scheduled for the second day for the people who are on the second ship. The runners on the first ship had the opportunity to run twice while the runners on the second ship only had the arrival day to run. On the second day, the draw bridge had to rotate to let some sail boats pass so it delayed us a bit.

wpid-20140302_135649.jpg wpid-20140302_141621.jpg wpid-20140622_080455.jpg

IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0073

Both groups ran there together as a large group and stopped on the park map near the entrance of the park. This was where we split into two groups. There was a group that ran approximately 6 miles that was a bit quicker, while the slower group ran about 4 miles at a slower pace.

wpid-20140302_142058.jpg wpid-20140302_142120.jpg wpid-20140302_142129.jpg

On the first day, Thom was taking it “easy” but ran a 9 minute pace. For me, that was a bit quick and only about half of the first group kept up. I kept up but just barely. On the second day, I was part of the “fast” group but hung around the back of the pack to save my legs as I ran the day before as well.

IMG_0074 IMG_0075

Each group will pause near the map to make sure the entire group makes it back to the map and then we will jog back to the hotel. I met a runner along the way and we took a detour to see Puerto Madero.

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