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Election Fatigue? Fares to 3 European Cities for Under $500

Fares frequently change so this post will likely be outdated by 11/11/16 We’re entering an era where we’ve seen unprecedented and consistently-offered low fares on international flights.  With a little planning, you can typically fly to Europe for under $600, Asia for under $700, and South America for under $600.  While you can typically find these fares on budget carriers (WOW, Norwegian, etc.), they’re also available on the legacy carriers (Delta, United, and American) which offer frequent flier miles and free beverages (on international flights).  I used Google Flights to find the flights listed below.  I recommend that you use…

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Cheap round-trip fares to Iceland – $397 on Icelandair!!!

[Deals like this tend to expire quickly so this article may be out of date after December 31, 2015] The nice part of this deal is that Icelandair, not WOW, is offering the discounted fare to Iceland.  I flew on WOW in September and was satisfied with my $450 round-trip ticket to Europe; however, given the chance to travel again, I would pay the extra money to fly on another airline.  Icelandair allows you to earn miles with Alaska Airlines (a great frequent flier program) and you get 2 free checked bags and a carry on (although I have no idea…