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CRJ 200 Closeup

American Airlines CRJ-200 Review (Economy) – ‘Twas the Worst of Times

I recently traveled to Abu Dhabi after redeeming miles (90,000 miles and $46) for first class on Etihad’s A380 (the plane with the shower and onboard bar!).  I decided to fly the AUH-JFK route which was about an hour longer than flying in the other direction (jet stream folks).  I’ll post my review of each segment accordingly–this post is the first review of my trip. American Airlines CRJ-200 Review (Economy):  ‘Twas the Worst of Times American Airlines 757-200 Review (Economy):  ‘Twas Still the Worst of Times How to Layover in Amsterdam:  4 Hours Etihad A330-300 Review (Economy) Hilton Abu Dhabi…

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American Airlines 737-800 in First Class

This plane is new and awesome and is my new favorite domestic aircraft!  I had to use two 500-mile upgrade vouchers ($30 each) to score this upgrade, but my upgrade was confirmed 72 hours prior to check in.  I overheard people talking as they boarded the aircraft and they were also impressed with the interior.  The 737-800 was definitely more impressive than the American Airlines E-170 that I would fly next. Seat The seat was comfortable but it was hard to recline–you had to slide the bottom of the seat toward your feat as opposed to sliding the back of your seat backward….