Review of American’s 777-200 (Business Class)

American Airlines 777-200 at Sunrise I previously wrote about my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that was amazing!  The beach was huge, the cable cars up to Sugarloaf Mountain were intense, and the airplane landings were epic.  Overall it was a great trip considering American Airlines was offering $550 round-trip flights, likely as a result of the Zika virus (FYI I did not even see any mosquitoes during my trip). Another highlight of the trip was my flight to Brazil which was upgraded to business class at the gate.  A teenager was also upgraded at the gate–best day ever.  You can…

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Amtrak Northeast Regional (WAS-NYC) — on New Year’s Eve

Several folks have asked me how I like riding on trains compared to flying on airplanes.  I booked a round-trip ticket on Amtrak from DC to NY over New Year’s weekend so I could offer a comparison.  The train ticket was half the price of an airline ticket and the train station in New York is conveniently located near Madison Square Garden.  I’ll write a comparison later, but here’s my review of the Amtrak ride. Experience: train stations do not have the same lounge options as airports so I had less of an incentive to arrive early.  My Citi Prestige credit…