The Black Card – Only for the Privileged?

One of the most fascinating credit cards I have seen is this infamous Black Card VISA issued by Barclays Bank.  This is supposed to be an exclusive card, given to a ‘select’ group of people, who qualify. I’m not sure what the qualifications are, but with a $495 annual fee, there better be some Ritz crackers with brie with the offer.  I have seen different offers for this card throughout the years, but today’s offer seemed interesting.  If you spend $1,500 within 90 days, you get 25,000 points.  Hardly a carrot to dangle over credit card churners, but apparently it is enough for a $500 airline ticket, according to them.  One of the other exclusive perks is luxury gifts.  Although not knowing what kind of gifts you get for card membership, I doubt it’s going to be a Rolex watch or something. The only perk worthwhile that I see is unlimited VIP Airport lounge visits.  Other cards also offer this such as the American Express Platinum card, or the Delta Reserve American Express, but this one is a VISA card, which has more acceptance worldwide.  Will I be getting this card anytime soon? Probably not.  When I stop clipping coupons for paper towels, and buying my shoes at regular prices at Nordstroms, then I will consider getting this card…..but for now, I thought I share this mysterious credit card with y’all, which has sort of a James Bond appeal to it…….Have any of you considered getting this card? Do share your thoughts……


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