1500 American Airline miles for 99¢..or US, UA, SW, DL

This morning, I found a thread over at SD explaining how to get 1500 American Airlines miles by subscribing to the New York Times Digital Subscription.  This greatly interested me, because I had canceled my Citibank AAdvantage Visa card earlier, to avoid the annual fee, and needed a way to deposit some miles into my AAdvantage account, so this will reset the expiration clock.  Some airline miles do expire, and depending on which program you are actively participating, it helps to accrue miles in the program every now and then. This deal is pretty sweet: a 4 week New York Times online digital subscription for only 99¢! You can cancel after the 120 days, and keep the miles, and you will have paid only 99¢.  If you were to buy those miles straight out, you will have paid about $70.00.

Save Your Miles from Expiring

This is a great opportunity also to save your airline miles from expiring, without having to actually take a trip and spend hundreds of dollars on an airline ticket.  Using this will be an opportunity to credit your account with 950 – 1500 miles, for under a buck! I urge you to take this opportunity.  Remember, you can always cancel and keep the miles by calling 877-698-5635 and change your subscription.

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  1. How soon do these miles post?

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