Card Review: The LaQuinta Returns Signature Visa Card – 20,000 Bonus Points after 1st Spend

I know what you are thinking. Why the heck would I get a LaQuinta VISA card? Before you unleash the hounds on me, let me justify why I picked up this card.  First of all, its very colorful! Its a bright green, flashy looking card, that almost resembles something you would find in a Fisher Price money play set. I call it curb appeal for your wallet!  However, that’s not why picked it up. See, my last churn, I needed to pick up at least 4 cards, and I already had 3 Chase cards, 4 American Express cards, and 4 Citibank cards.  I needed something from a bank I haven’t applied from,  and First Bank of Omaha was it.  They are the issuing bank for this card.  I had some offers in the mail from them before, for an American Express card they offered, but they offered no sign up bonus of any kind.  Just no-annual fee, with a 0.0% APR for the first year.  No good, because I always pay my balance in full.  Interest is for suckers!

Here are some details for the LaQuinta Rewards Signature VISA card:

  • 20,000 bonus points after first purchase
  • Automatic GOLD Status in their LaQuinta Rewards program
  • 2 points per dollar spent on gas, dining, and car rentals
  • 17 points per dollar spent at LaQuinta Hotels and Inn’s
  • Free nights start at 6,000 points

20,000 points can get you two free nights at almost any of the LaQuinta locations, but they vary from state to state.  Once you sign up for a LaQuinta Returns account, you will be able to see how many points get you what.  You can also redeem the points for gift cards, transfers to various airlines programs, such as American, Alaska, US Airways, Southwest, but the ratio is terrible, and I think you are better off using the points for free nights.  The points will be handy to have in case you need to do an overnighter at a gateway city like LAX/SFO for an international itinerary, or a road trip to Cali or something.  I’m sure you will find a purpose for it.  The card has no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry about getting charged after one year of card membership.




3 Comments on "Card Review: The LaQuinta Returns Signature Visa Card – 20,000 Bonus Points after 1st Spend"

  1. I got this card because we travel with pets. 95% of La Quinta hotels take pets no questions asked or extra fees. We like to take trips that require at least one overnight. Why not get the hotel room for free. I am using it to pay several bills automatically to rack up points. I even think I have hashed up a plan to make car payments with it. The other 20,000 points comes from spending $10k in the first 12 months. Paying those bills will easily afford me the 2 extra free nights. My interest rat is 11.9%, but I do not anticipate paying interest on anything because we have to money to pay for the things we buy. It will just be an extra step, but worth the rewards.

    • Dylan…you also get free breafast!

    • Hello Dylan. Sounds like u r pleased with the LaQuinta Visa signature card. Just got mine and so u can charge everyday items, groceries, etc? Plus auto pays on monthly bills, which u mentioned. This should be great. My only question was about the everyday stuff, drug stores, and clothes, discount stores, etc.? I always pay off my balance as we’ll. wouldn’t be much of a bargain if u add interest monthly. Appreciate your input if u have a free moment. Here’s to our point racking!

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