What Were The Best Travel Deals of 2014?

As we come to a close on 2014, I cant help wondering what the best deals were. When I was a kid, I used to tune into the radio on New Years Eve and listen the countdown of the best hits of the year, since I was too young to go out and partayyy. Well, I’m older now, and with my twin girls, I’m finding myself tonight in front of the toob, watching Ryan Seacrest drop the ball. No problem…it’s too damn cold outside anyways to venture out. I am, however, wondering what the best travel deals were this year. No doubt we had some real doozies this past year in terms of airfare mistakes, and some hotel deals too. We recently had a mistake fare on Emirates for $200 to Dubai, and the recent Etihad snafu, but that was just a couple to mention. It’s YOUR turn to tell me what you found to be the best deal, and don’t hold back. Happy New year everyone !

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