Why My Cup Stayed Empty on AA604

I recently flew American Airlines Flt 604 from Phoenix to Portland, and I was a bit disappointed in the level of service I received.  I wanted a refill on a drink, and I never got it.  Even after I clearly told her while she was collecting items I wanted one.  I was really thirsty too! I mean, I’m from Portland and not used to those hot Phoenix temperatures.  I understand I’m not a passenger with status of any kind, nor I was seated in the front of the plane in first class this time, but I paid for that ticket. I’m very picky when it comes to service, because I am in the business of customer service, and I know what it means to please the people I am serving, or representing. When a customer talks, you listen.  On this flight, I was getting bad vibes from this attendant from the beginning.  She sat in the jump-seat in front of me, and I attempted to make a friendly conversation with her, trying to melt the ice and see what kind of a personality I was to deal with for the next 2 hours.  I was sort of scared of her too in a sense, because If I complained to her, I knew I would get on her bad side, and who knows what would’ve happened.  I mean, you sometimes read about passengers getting berated by flight attendants for the oddest reasons.  She chatted about her kids in college, and how expensive it is, and all the other material problems that every one of us shoulders on a daily basis.  She even inquired on why I choose not to wear a  wedding ring.  I personally didn’t mind her doing that, but I would never ask someone that question because in the arena of serving clients, that is something you don’t ask.  Even upon boarding, she rolled her eyes, and shook her head at passengers struggling with on-board carry-ons.  A lot of us hate our jobs, but we do it, and when we are committed to serve others, we shouldn’t be making the people we serve, feel our misery.

I wonder if she knew I had just attended First2Board’s Annual Sessions, she would’ve treated me differently and gave me that refill I so badly wanted. This empty cup isn’t a big deal in some ways, but in other ways it represents a symbol of how business models work for successful airlines, versus, the ones that come on the bottom lists, year after year,  in terms of service. I hope this post does two things: makes aware American Airlines, may need to verse their domestic flight attendants in certain markets to better themselves at enhancing the passenger experience on-board.  Happy Travels Everyone!

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