Lounge Shower Review: Schengen Business Lounge at RIX

ease of access and location:  this is a small lounge that i think is used by pretty much every airline, and there is just one shower, so i would imagine there could be a line at times, but thinking about it, i don’t know how many passengers would want to take a shower since we’re on the Schengen side and there aren’t too many long-haul flights people need to recover from. maybe evening rush hour commuters? anyways, it’s pretty much self-serve, although the front desk attendant had to direct me to it (and then turn the light on because i couldn’t find the switch). there’s a hallway to the right immediately after you pass the front desk, and it’s the room on the end of the hall on your right (once you go into that right-hand-side-hallway. all right?)


SO MUCH SPACE! and you know how i value space, although thanks to strict carry-on rules over here i didn’t have my regular rollaboard with me, so i feel bad it was kind of wasted on me this time.

there is a separate toilet/sink/hair dryer room to the left.


the goods: stacks of towels (two small, one large towel in each). there are baskets with razors, hair conditioner, and shower gel. “Relax Refresh Revive” brand, which also happened to be the brand that was used in my airbnb. nothing fancy, but they get the job done. i wouldn’t have minded a toothbrush/toothpaste set, but beggars can’t be choosers.



shower: good water pressure and temperature range (it can get quite hot). shower head handle slightly leaky, but at least it didn’t squirt in your face or anything. handle left = hot, handle right = cold (you never know with these things!). note that the Dove soap thingy was empty, and looks like it has been for a while.


cleanliness and state of facilities: so yeah. i’m kind of conflicted. it’s a newish lounge and the shower and room itself were clean, but there are certain things that made me wonder. like the trash wasn’t emptied (not like it was overflowing, either, but still), and there were old toiletries left in the shower (the pictures above were taken right when i got in). maybe it’s part of a reduce/reuse/recycle campaign, but it was odd. that said, i’m ghetteaux so i used the old shower gel. i mean, soap is soap, right? O_O

overall rating: 2.5 out of 5. i was going to make it a 3 because of the abundance of space, but that would put it on par with other showers that seemed to be a little nicer. it for sure would have been a 3 if they fixed the Dove situation (take that shit out if you’re not going to maintain it) and cleared out the old toiletries and emptied the trash. either way, i’m just glad they have the option for Schengen flights here.

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