Peeping at United PQDs

update oopsie-daisies, looks like this got too popular; no longer viewable 🙁

ever since United announced a minimum spend requirement to make elite status, i’ve been curious to know what my Premier Qualifying Dollars (definition on that page i just linked to) for this year was. thanks to @WanderngAramean (who saw it in the source code of the account overview page), here it is, and it’s not pretty:


only $3,728. like i mentioned in an earlier post, i am not quite sure what to do next year in terms of qualification. while i’ve tried to focus more on PQD-qualifying flights for 2014, i am now doubtful that i’ll even make the $5,000 level for gold.

clearly i’m not one of the high value flyers they want to keep (i’ll be the first to admit that), but i thought i spent at least $5,000 PQD on them…

p.s. get your sneak peak (until they change the page or make it public). there’s probably an easier method, but if you’re looking at the My Account Page, in chrome (maybe others), put this in the address bar and hit enter:’block’;return false;

note that when you paste, make sure it starts out with “javascript:”


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  1. Hmmm… not working for me for some reason

  2. Wait – I found by searching the source code itself: $5,792… would’ve been easily over $10,000 if I’d booked with United instead of partners on one of my overseas business trips

    • ah glad you were able to get the number. yeah, i’ve been trying to book with UA on 2014 flights but they don’t have all the deals their partners do, so for instance i’m on a cheap SAS flight that was double if i booked via UA. oh well. 🙁

      but looks like you’ll be good for next year if you can direct your business spending to UA itself?

  3. Bloggers kill everything.

  4. Forgot – does Explorer CC spend count towards PQD spend like it does on Delta?

    • hmm i don’t think it counts as such, but if you have $25,000 spend on the card they will waive the requirement up to Platinum:

      For 2014, the PQD requirement for Premier Silver, Premier Gold and Premier Platinum qualification will be waived for members who spend at least $25,000 in Net Purchases using a MileagePlus® Chase co-branded credit card issued in the U.S. There is no PQD waiver for Premier 1K® qualification.


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