Apple 12 Days of Gifts – Rayman Jungle Run – Day 7

Apple Day 7

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Apple gave to me…. Rayman Jungle Run

Happy New Year Everyone! – Apple hopes to entertain you this New Year’s Day by giving you Ubisoft’s Rayman Jungle Run. Ubisoft Entertainment, a French game developer,  is the third largest independent game publisher in the world,


Apple’s Day Seven 12 Days of Gifts gives you gamers a chance to enjoy the extraordinary platforming hero’s latest adventure right on your iPhone or iPad.

Reviews say this game is suitable for all ages (so if not for you, maybe for the kiddos?) with a ‘pick up and play’ design. Rayman Jungle Run is an entertaining and challenging game for long-time Rayman fans to master and a great way to introduce newbies to Rayman.rayman2

Jungle Run sees Rayman running, jumping, wall running and punching through 63 levels which include seven Land of the Livid Dead levels. Tokens are collected along the way to unlock gems that open up each world’s Land of the Dead.rayman3

I am not much of a gamer myself, so I had to take a moment and watch the Rayman Jungle Run Trailer on YouTube and I have to admit I found game fast-paced with catchy music and colorful, eyepopping animation! If I thought I would be any good at game playing, this might be one I would try.

If you aren’t running iOS 7, or don’t have the 12 Days of Gifts app installed on your iPhone or iPad you can download Rayman Jungle Run here.

At any rate, here it is Apple’s Day 7 Gift to you….

So, just what does it take to unlock the ‘Land of the Livid Dead’?

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