La Quinta Returns – Play and Stay Game

The hottest game in town right now seems to be La Quinta’s Play and Stay Game. The very first few mentions I saw of this game pointed out that it is incredibly fun… and a little addicting!  And that it is!


To play you visit the Play and Stay Homepage:

  • You must first sign up for a  La Quinta Returns™ account if you do not have one.
  • Log into the game with your Facebook account.
  • You will be directed to a Play page where you click on Spin to win either La Quinta Returns Points; Tokens to continue playing; free spins; or Triple LaQuinta’s which will award you up to 10 free nights.

Spin and win

  • Additional Tokens can be earned by answering Trivia Questions.
  • Additional Tokens may also be earned by referring friends. You can share on Facebook and Twitter, but someone must click your link  (you can earn 8000-30000 tokens this way).
  • There is a small addition of Tokens each day when you login to start your play again.
  • Pay attention to the Bonus Wheel. It also offers ways to earn additional Tokens.
  • Tokens

La Quinta Returns offers free night redemptions starting at just 6,000 points, so it would definitely be possible to earn a few free nights if you played this game through January 31, 2014. La Quinta competes in the mid-priced hotel group and has over 700 properties in its portfolio with one location in Midtown Manhattan and a very nice hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. There is typically no onsite dining, however,  free “Bright Side” deluxe continental breakfast bar is offered at the majority of locations, together with free wi-fi at all locations.


Spins are limited each day by the number of tokens you earn. If your family members have a Twitter account or Facebook, you can encourage them to sign up and earn some tokens that way.

If you would like to leave your referral link in the comments below (copy your link from where you have shared on either Facebook or Twitter), hopefully we can get a chain going.

And…. you never know… you just may need that budget stay one day!

4 Comments on "La Quinta Returns – Play and Stay Game"

  1. The game is super addictive–not sure I’d stay at a LQ property except now I want to use up my points 😉

    I feel like the payouts have steadily gone down–day 1 they got everyone hooked with a 2-4k points, now it is all tokens, and the occasional 100 points here/there. Have you seen the same?

    Still fun, and very effective promo for LQ.


  2. Susan - Southern Travel Girl | December 15, 2013 at 5:16 pm | Reply

    Yes – I get a lot of Free Plays and the Trivia Questions. I’ve learned to Share, then immediately go and delete the gazillion posts from my Twitter feed, however. That helps. My goal…to earn at least one free night.

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