Bonus Gift Card though Amex and Boingo

Amex is currently running a promo where if you load $200 through a prepaid card, they will give you a complementary $25 gift card! Offer ends Aug 31,12 and there are no additional fees/charges or credit check to get this card. The card allows for 1 fee free atm transaction/ mo so you could take out your cash later. Will take 6 weeks for the gift card to be shipped.  I got mine because I can’t pass up free money : )

For those of you travelers who ran out of club passes and don’t have a hot spot, Boingo is currently running a promotion where you can get unlimited Wi-Fi access for only $4.98/mo for 3 months. There are no contract or cancellation fees so if you are on the go and need wi-fi, then this is not a bad promotion. Disclosure: I do receive a referral reward if you sign up for Boingo through this link.

Update: So apparently there is also a promotion through Boingo where you can sign up for unlimited wi-fi access for $4.98/mo for three months and after 60 days of active service you get a $25 amazon card. I don’t have the link but if you go to an airport (I found it at IAH) then you can probably get the promotion that way. Yaay for free Money!

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