New Food Amex Offers

If you have an American Express card then you have the opportunity to take advantage of their many “spend offers”. These usually entail spending a certain amount a particular restaurant, store, or other business to get a statement credit.

In order to take advantage of these offers, they first have to be added to your card. These offers can be found on the bottom of your card account after you log in online. Here are some examples and just fyi, not everyone gets the same offers:

Amex offers examples

As a tip, if you have multiple Amex cards and a particular offer shows up on multiple cards, you have to do the multi browser trick in order to add them to all of your cards at the same time.

Some of my favorites are restaurant or food related because I like to eat out a lot. Here are some new food offers that you may see on your account.

Carabas Italian GrillBuca de BeppoGodiva PF Changs Sulivans Steakhouse Texas de Brazil

Many of these offers you have to redeem in restaurant, however, what I usually do is go and buy gift cards at a location to redeem at a later date. These have always triggered the statement credit for me.




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