Office Depot $200 Off Microsoft Surface Pro – Potential $115 Profit

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Office Depot is having a sale on Microsoft Surface Pros.  Looks like all models are $200 off.  The one pictured above is the 128GB model.  It looks to be the most popular model on Amazon with a sales rank of 204.  This model sells for $937 on Amazon.  Unfortunately, Amazon takes a whopping $56 in fees.  Yikes.  With a shipping cost of around $5 you are still looking at a $75 profit.  Still pretty damn good.  Plus you can leverage it even further.  

The UPromise Shopping Portal offers 5% cash back on Office Depot Purchases.  So even with Amazon’s nasty fee the deal is still pretty darn good.  Throw in 5x with a Chase Ink card and you are sitting pretty.

Here is how the deal breaks down.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • MSRP: $999
  • Office Depot: $799
  • Amazon: $937
  • Amazon Fees: $56.30
  • Gross Revenue: $880.70
  • Profit after Shipping: ~$75
  • UPromise Cash Back: $39.95
  • Total Profit:  ~$115
  • Chase Ultimate Reward Points: 3,995

I think this is a great deal.  And if my play money for reselling was not tied up in iPad’s I would be jumping on it.  You can purchase up to 3.  You are looking at $345 for less than a days work.

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  1. how do you ship it? insured? viable for someone who lives in hawaii?

    • I ship it via UPS. When you add a product with FBA one of the steps is to print out a UPS shipping label. I have not done insurance yet. So far I have not sent anything worth more than a $1,000 in a box. I probably should insure that though now that I think about it. Not sure what the UPS fee would be from Hawaii. If your cost is low enough it certainly is viable for someone in Hawaii.

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