Behind The Scenes at Dallas Fort Worth Airport with American Airlines Part 3


We were supposed to tour the new Boeing 777-300ER, but the incoming flight was late and we didn’t have time to wait around for the aircraft to be cleaned. Instead, we were handed yellow ground crew jackets and we headed to the tarmac.

This is Part 3 of my four part trip report:

Part 1 – Terminal Renewal Improvement Program (TRIP) in Terminal A and the American Airlines Control Tower

Part 2 – Crew Lounges and the Underground Bagroom

Part 3 – On the tarmac experience and the C.R Smith Museum

Part 4 – Flight Academy Facility – Flight Attendant Training, Flight Simulator, and the Integrated Operations Center (IOC) (formerly Systems Operations Control Center (SOCC))

Here is a picture with me with my yellow grounds crew jacket:


I felt like an official American Airlines employee with this jacket.

I’ve never been on the tarmac before, so this was an amazing once in a lifetime experience for me. The views from the ground were just simply amazing.


I also had a photo op with the new American Airlines livery.

tmacmus4 tmacmus2

Next, we headed to the C.R Smith Museum which is located next to the Flight Academy.

tmacmus5 tmacmus6

Tim McElroy, the Head of Interpretation and Education at the American Airlines CR Smith Museum was nice enough to give us a tour of museum.

tmacmus18 tmacmus8 tmacmus10 tmacmus13

The centerpiece of the museum was the restored 1940 Douglas DC-3, Flagship Knoxville.


Other parts of the museum included a Boeing 747 Coach Lounge Piano, an American Airlines Airport Model, and even a children’s play area.

tmacmus9 tmacmus11 tmacmus12

Back in the days, these were the American Airlines flight attendant uniforms and their beverage carts.

tmacmus14 tmacmus15

The coolest thing about the museum is the in-house theater which is currently playing “The Spirit of American”. The ticket counter is displayed as a departure gate.


The short movie is about an MD-80 plane soaring over different places around the world such as the Grand Canyon, London, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro. The best part is that all the seats are First Class seats on an MD-80 plane!



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  1. Nice photo tour of the museum!

  2. I think those are actually the F seats from the older transcontinental 757s. Certainly I have sat in a very similar seat in a 757 that operated BOS-SFO (back when that was a nonstop route on AA).

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