The Starwood Social Media Team Wants Me to Learn How to Cook


I received a FedEx package this morning from Starwood. Outside of the Fedex box, it was labeled “Open Now, a special gift.”


Enclosed was a book of some sort with a personalized letter.

starwoodgift2 starwoodgift3

The letter read as follows:


Hi Jamison,

You mentioned July is a slow travel month for you and we didn’t want you to miss us TOO much. This cookbook was put together as a charity fundraiser by one of our customer contact centers. There are some great recipes, if you’d like to try something new. We hope you are enjoying your quiet time and we look forward to seeing you in August. Cheers!

@SPG and the entire Starwood Social Media

I was like “How did they know July was a slow month for me???” I looked into my Twitter history and found the conversation I had with @StarwoodBuzz, responding to a “Guess which hotel is this?” tweet on June 28th.


I unwrapped the gift and inside was a cookbook called “Simply Starwood: from our kitchen to yours.”

starwoodgift6 starwoodgift7

Simply amazing! That is the power of social media. Kudos to Starwood and the whole Starwood Social Media team for this awesome gift! You guys definitely made my day. I better start reading as I might become the next Starwood chef.


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