Hawaii Offers 17,000 Homeless People a One-way Flight Back to Their Home State


According to an article from the DailyMail,

“The state of Hawaii is poised to begin is ‘return-to-home’ program, which will give eligible homeless people one-way tickets back to the families on the mainland.


Hawaii is hoping to take the burden off its welfare system by saying aloha to its 17,000 homeless residents.

The state will offer one-way tickets home to any eligible homeless person to anywhere in the continental United States.

Hawaii has allotted $100,000 for a three year trial run of the so-called ‘return-to-home’ program, which could also even offer participants beds on cruise ships bound for their homes.

Provisions include: transportation to the airport, orientation regarding airport security and ensuring proper hygiene. Additionally, if state funds were utilized for the purpose of sending people home, the participants would berequired to sign voluntary departure agreements that would need to be recorded in databases.”

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I find this outrageous that Hawaii wants to offer homeless people a one-way flight back to the mainland. If I were homeless, I would rather be homeless in Hawaii. What do you think Hawaii should do?


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3 Comments on "Hawaii Offers 17,000 Homeless People a One-way Flight Back to Their Home State"

  1. I think there are probably many homeless people there that were not homeless when they got to Hawaii. If you are on the mainland & have a tough time you can always take a greyhound back to your family for less than $100. What do you do if you are stuck in Hawaii though?

  2. This is voluntary not forced repatriation. As as such it is pretty smart. I doubt they’ll impact their 17k population much but might appeal to a few hundred or so.

  3. Quite surprised that you think it is outrageous? I can only assume you are easily outraged? Also, your comment ” I would rather be homeless in Hawaii ” is quite offensive, in my opinion. I doubt the location of a homeless persons plight, albeit your crack is obviously about weather, is really of MUCH comfort to a person living without the basic comforts of life, you know, walls, a roof, a feeling of security? Please consider engaging your brain before making facile and asinine comments, hmmm?

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