Scam City Season 2 Returns with 10 New Episodes


I absolutely love Conor Woodman on the Scam City television series that aired last year. I’d have to credit the introduction of the show from Lucky’s post “Scam City: my new obsession”. Ever since I watched one episode from his post, I was hooked and became obsessed as well.

Season 1 of Scam City included scams in 10 different cities around the world and they were: Buenos Aires, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Rome, Delhi, Istanbul, Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Marrakech.

I’ve also done a written report of scams I’ve encountered this year and they’ve included:

Scam City: Mexico City
Scam City: Israel
Scam City: Shanghai
Scam City: Rio de Janeiro
Scam City: Cabo San Lucas
Scam City: Bogota

I couldn’t find any information online about the new season and I was curious if there would be a season 2. I went to Conor Woodman’s Twitter account @conorwoodman and saw that he was in the middle of wrapping up Season 2! I was ecstatic and was reading his Twitter and Instagram feed to try and gather clues on which cities will be on Season 2.

Here were the following tweets he dropped as hints as he would not confirm them on Twitter:

scamcity1 scamcity2 scamcity3 scamcity4 scamcity5 scamcity6 scamcity7 scamcity8 scamcity9

It took me a while to figure out, but I tweeted him: @conorwodman I’ve figured it out – New Orleans, Mexico City, New York, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Bogota, and Hong Kong.


A few hours later, Conor RETWEETED to his followers what I wrote to them and that’s a pretty valid confirmation of which cities Season 2 will be featured.

Conor says that Scam City 2 is nearly done and will be back on air globally in the new year. He says that there is a delay because they have to translate each show into 140 languages and that it takes time.

Are you excited about the new Season 2 of Scam City?


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4 Comments on "Scam City Season 2 Returns with 10 New Episodes"

  1. Cool! I discovered Scam City when it followed “Banged Up Abroad” (Locked Up Abroad in the USA) and I love it! Glad to see Jerusalem being covered. We are going there next year although I am savvy enough to avoid scams it’s nice to know what is out there!

  2. I’m a big fan of the show as well. Watched all the eps from season 1. Any idea what network this show is on or will I have to download it from the interwebs? He should be a speaker at FTU!

  3. I love Scam City. It will be interesting to see this season as I have visited several of the cities and was not aware there are common scams. I have successfully avoided several scam cab drivers in China however.

  4. I just finished watching an episode of Scam City London and I was stunned to see how similar the scams in London — everything from the Chinatown “massage” parlors to the drug addicts pinching phones for dope– are to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. We had the Olympics in 2010 and since then it had been a more popular destination for tourists. It was almost like watching a show based on my own city. There are many other scams that occur in Vancouver too, don’t get me wrong I love my city… I have seen great things in it but as with all major cities it has it’s seedy side.

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