Changes American Airlines Executive Platinums Would Like To See in 2014


Let’s be real here, there has been an influx of newly minted American Airlines Executive Platinums due to the recent gutting of Delta Air Lines and United MileagePlus loyalty programs. Even for those who aren’t Executive Platinums, more frequent fliers are changing their flying habits to book flights on American Airlines and earn AAdvantage miles for 2014. I recently wrote Why American Airlines AAdvantage is the Best Frequent Flier Program. Executive Platinum status is an amazing top tier status, but here are some changes I propose that would make Executive Platinums really happy in 2014 and beyond:

Free Same Day Confirmed – I am still in shock that American still charges $75 for a same day confirm change (for an earlier or later flight), even for Executive Platinums. Granted they give free Same Day Standby, but your upgrade chances are pretty much shot unless you pull some tricks out of your hat. Delta and United offers free same day confirmed for their top tier elites, so why not American?

Executive Platinum Expanded Award Availability shown online – This is one of the most underrated benefits of EXP status. I was able to book LAX-DFW-GRU for 50k business (sAAver award) in June of 2014 during the World Cup in Brazil. Granted, I was fortunate to even snag a sAAver award, but it was due to having EXP status. It does suck to have to call in (because agents can only see it), but it would make it much easier if it was shown online.

e-500 Stickers – I still have about 14 orphan stickers from my Platinum days and there is one way to convert them into miles, but at a horrible exchange rate of 500 miles per sticker. I propose that American could let us convert orphan e-500 stickers into something more valuable since they are worth $30 each. I know these stickers can be used for companions on the same PNR, but I usually travel alone, so these stickers are worthless to me.

Complimentary Upgrades on Award Tickets – Delta Air Lines provides Gold Medallions (middle tier) and higher the ability to request upgrades on award tickets. In addition, United provides free upgrades on award tickets to their MileagePlus credit card holders. Perhaps American can provide such benefit for Executive Platinums or Executive Platinums who have their Citi AAdvantage cards. Granted, we would be very low in priority and clear after all the elites, but it would be a nice added benefit.

I think these changes would kill the competition effectively. Am i asking for too much?


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  1. 500 mile stickers used to convert to 2500 miles each!

  2. I didn’t know about the expanded award availability!

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