US Airways Now Providing Upgrades to American Airlines Elites?

MSP-PHX hot option, which was normally a snack basket flight prior to 4/1

One of my readers got upgraded on a US Airways flight from MSP-PHX this morning. He was on a discounted economy fare and an American Airlines Platinum (oneworld Sapphire) member. When he got to the gate, he was pleasantly handed a new boarding pass with a First Class ticket. He has no status with US Airways whatsoever.

I’m not sure what the load on the plane was, but it must not have been elite heavy. Perhaps empty seats were going out in First and they decided to upgrade American elites after clearing all the US elites.

This could be good news for American Airlines elites flying on US Airways until reciprocal upgrades officially come into effect.

He also sent me a picture of his breakfast entrée in the First Class cabin. His meal selection was a tomato and cheese omelet with sausage and potatoes.

MSP-PHX hot option, which was normally a snack basket flight prior to 4/1

MSP-PHX hot option, which was normally a snack basket flight prior to 4/1

He normally flies this route and said it’s usually a snack basket. When he questioned the flight attendant, he said that it’s new. In addition, there was also a French toast option during meal service. That’s definitely surprising that US Airways offers two hot choices while American offers one cold and one hot entrée during breakfast flights.

Could this be the beginning of improvement to US Airways in terms of elite status upgrades and meal service alignment with American Airlines?


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5 Comments on "US Airways Now Providing Upgrades to American Airlines Elites?"

  1. That is a good news if this is standard now, I was thinking of booking US flight.

  2. Scott McCartney of the WSJ had an article this week with a quote from AA saying “weeks away” from integrating reciprocal upgrades – leaves me to believe that both US and AA have updated manifests with elite member numbers. Either way, I’ll follow up with my Saturday flight. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks for sharing AAPlat! Be sure to keep me inform of the updates. Have a great day!

    • Hi there – they definitely have updatedt he manifests with elite numbers and statuses. I was greeted by a US Airways flight attendant as an Executive Platinum passenger. Excited for the reciprical upgrades.

  3. Made it back last night and here’s the news – of the 4 segments as an AAdvantage Platinum on US metal, 50% success! Unfortunately both of which were on the shortest routes but a kind attitude and asking politely made the GAs much more willing to work with me. On the last segment home the GA went to ask his manager (because the system wouldn’t allow the standard upgrade request) he said they aren’t really allowed to grant reciprocal upgrades until June 11th, but to go ahead and do it. Regardless, they truly are around the corner!

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