US Airways CLT-LAX A321 First Class Review

Back in April, I wrote about My Experience Flying Onboard US Airways Since the Recent Merger. The flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles (CLT-LAX) was five and a half hours long and departed in the evening. This was basically a transcontinental flight on an Airbus A321.

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First Class on the A321 was in a 2-2 configuration. I was disappointed that there weren’t any angled flat or lie flat seats on this route, but I wasn’t having high expectations flying on US Airways to begin with.


The flight attendant asked what I would like to drink as a pre-departure beverage and when he mentioned beer, I said “What kind do you have?” He mentioned Dos Equis, so I had one of those in a can.


After the plane reached cruising altitude, the flight attendant offered a bottle of water and took my drink order. As always, I ordered a cranberry vodka with lime which was refreshing. I was surprised there weren’t any hot nuts served to accompany my beverage.


Afterwards, the flight attendant came through the cabin and offered a hot wet towel.


Meal service began and I had the beef entrée which basically came all in one serving tray. Dinner consisted of a chicken appetizer with corn salsa, salad, bread, and beef with veggies and mashed potatoes. The food was surprisingly good and flavorful.


Dessert was a salted caramel cheesecake which was pretty good. I wish US Airways had made to order ice cream sundaes, but one can dream.


An hour before arrival, the flight attendant came by with the dreaded snack basket.


Towards the end of the flight, the flight attendant hawked the 40,000 mile US Airways credit card. I really dislike the whole credit card hawking onboard a flight, but I do understand that it’s part of their job. Overall, the US Airways employees I encountered were very nice and hospitable despite the offerings not being on par with transcontinental flights on American Airlines.


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  1. Question – were these flights before 9/2 when I believe US Air and AA aligned catering or after? What you describe on the two US Air metal flights sounds very USAir-like. Just wondering if this is the new domestic standard or just USAir – classic.

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