The Various Eats in San Pedro Sula Honduras

I absolutely love Latin American cuisine and was excited to try Honduran food. I was only in Honduras for two nights and three days, so this isn’t a comprehensive list of things to eat in San Pedro Sula. The national dish of Honduras is called the carneada and the most common street food is the baleada.

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The Various Eats in San Pedro Sula Honduras
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I went into a hole in the wall restaurant in San Pedro Sula which served baleadas for breakfast. The most local street food in Honduras is the baleada which is a thick wheat flour tortilla folded in half and filled with toppings such as refried red beans, cream (sour cream like), cheese, and protein (egg, chicken, beef, pork).

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I ordered a baleada for breakfast which was 20 lempira ~ $0.95 USD. I had mine with scrambled eggs, cream, beans, cheese, and avocado. I also noticed that there was absolutely nothing on the lunch menu posted on the wall that cost more than 60 lempiras ~ $2.83 USD which is a bargain.

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I washed it down with an orange Tropical soft drink.


One of the most famous chain restaurants in San Pedro Sula is called Power Chicken. It’s kind of like an El Pollo Loco in Honduras.


I wasn’t that hungry, so I ordered a piece of chicken with fried rice which was delicious.

honduraneats6 honduraneats7

I washed it down with a delicious cup of horchata.


A common dish for lunch or dinner is rice with potatoes and an added protein of chicken, beef, or pork which is also the national dish called the carneada. Add in tortillas and you have an amazing Plato Tipico.


There was a street vendor selling coconut water from a real coconut and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. It was only 10 lempira ~ $0.47 USD.

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I had amazing fresh watermelon juice at a famous juice shop called Super Jugos – Los Mejores Licuados de Honduras (The best juice in Honduras). It really was the best juice which was made fresh and cold.

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There aren’t any Starbucks in San Pedro Sula, but you can get your coffee fix at Espresso Americano which is a coffee chain in Honduras.

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One day I wanted some dessert and I headed to the City Mall where I found churros at Churrin Churron. I had the churros rellenos (stuffed churros) with dulce de leche and it tasted like heaven on earth.

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