Hawker Center Food Stalls in Singapore

The one thing I was looking forward to in Singapore was visiting as many hawker center food stalls as possible. In Singapore, there are over 15 Hawker Centers and a plethora of food courts. The best way to locate the various hawker centers in Singapore is through this link “Singapore Hawker Centres and Food Courts.” I visited the Amoy Street Food Centre, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, Golden Mile Complex, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, Newton Circus Food Centre, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Zion Riverside Food Centre, Tekka Centre, and the Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre. If in doubt, the best way of choosing a food stall is to look for the longest line.

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Hawker Center Food Stalls in Singapore
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I started off my hawker center food adventures by visiting the famous Maxwell Road Hawker Center where it is home of the famous Tian Tian’s Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is by far the most touristy Hawker Center and I would just come here for Tian Tian. Be aware that there are two separate lines, one for ordering and one for picking up. You must stand in the ordering line first, then proceed to the pickup line which equally as long.

hawkerfood1 hawkerfood2 hawkerfood3

I ordered the Chicken Rice for $3.50 SGD which came with Hainan chicken over a bed of warm fluffy rice and a side of cucumber veggies. A bowl of vegetable soup was also included in the price.

hawkerfood4 hawkerfood5 hawkerfood6

I was still hungry after Tian Tian, so I had the Banana Leaf Fried Kway Teow from Marina South Delicious Food. You can order the kway teow in portions of small, medium, or large ($3/$4/$5 SGD).

hawkerfood7 hawkerfood8 hawkerfood9

For the best Indian food, head to Tekka Centre in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood.

hawkerfood10 hawkerfood11 hawkerfood12

I had delicious Dum Biryani from a food stall called Yakader.

hawkerfood13 hawkerfood14

From the moment you take your seat in any hawker center, you will be approached by a nearby drink vendor taking orders for beverages. I had the iced tea to wash down the delicious biryani.


I went to the Amoy Street Food Centre (not listed on the Google Maps link) in Chinatown for breakfast. Many of the shops were not open yet, but I did find delicious food.


I had Fish Ball Noodle Soup from Ah Er Teochew.

hawkerfood17 hawkerfood18

I was still hungry, so I went to a Muslim Food Stall called Bismillah and ordered the Roti Prata Egg which came with a side of vegetable soup.

hawkerfood19 hawkerfood20 hawkerfood21

I washed down my Roti Prata Egg with an iced tea from a drink vendor called Haji Aiyoob.

hawkerfood22 hawkerfood23

Nearby Amoy Street Food Centre is the Chinatown Complex Food Centre which is located in Chinatown. I was so full, I couldn’t eat anything from there.


I was still hanging around the area in the afternoon and visited the third Chinatown hawker center called Hong Lim Market and Food Centre.


I had delicious Congee (jook) and washed it down with Soya (soybean) juice.

hawkerfood25 hawkerfood26 hawkerfood27 hawkerfood28


I visited the Old Airport Road Food Centre which is a local’s favorite. It’s far out from all the touristy attractions in Singapore, but well worth visiting.

hawkerfood34 hawkerfood35 hawkerfood36 hawkerfood37 hawkerfood38

I was so full, but I had to try out the noodle soup which contained meat and fish balls.

hawkerfood31 hawkerfood32 hawkerfood33

I passed by the Golden Mile Food Centre Complex, but didn’t try out anything since I was so full. It was the least busy hawker center I had ever visited.

hawkerfood39 hawkerfood40 hawkerfood41 hawkerfood42 hawkerfood43

One day I visited the Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre which is near the Tiong Bahru MRT station.

hawkerfood44 hawkerfood45

I had the delicious prawn noodle soup and washed it down with iced tea.

hawkerfood46 hawkerfood47 hawkerfood48

Then, I headed to the Zion Riverside Food which supposedly has the best Fried Kway Teow.

hawkerfood49 hawkerfood50

The No. 18 Stall at Zion Road Fried Kway Teow did not disappoint and I washed it down with fresh sugar cane juice.

hawkerfood51 hawkerfood52 hawkerfood53

I went to Newton Food Center near Newton MRT station but nothing was really appealing. There was plenty of outdoor seating and it was not busy at all.

hawkerfood54 hawkerfood55 hawkerfood56 hawkerfood57

I visited the Pasar Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, but it seemed like they were closed.


Lastly, I visited the Haig Road Market & Food Centre, but I was too full to even eat any more.

hawkerfood60 hawkerfood61

I’m only missing Chomp Chomp Food Centre, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Gluttons Bay Food Centre, and Lau Pa Sat Food Centre (was under renovation when I visited, but now open). I was really upset that I couldn’t visit the East Coast Lagoon Food Village (due to time) because I heard they have the best local seafood. The next time I’m in Singapore, I will try to visit the remaining hawker food centers.


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  1. FYI – The ‘soup’ that comes with roti prata is actually the dipping sauce for that dish. It is always served that way.

  2. I had visited Tian Tian … and had loved it!

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