Reserving the New First and Business Class Meals on American Airlines

Last year I wrote about Reserving My First and Business Class Meals for an Upcoming International Flight on American Airlines. That blog post is nearly over a year old and now American Airlines has completely revamped their meals since the beginning of this month. I’m flying to Bogota, Colombia this week and their meal reservation system came up. Here are some of the new menu choices when reserving the new First and Business Class meals on American Airlines:

From Los Angeles to Miami (LAX-MIA), my breakfast meal selection choices are:


Cereal and Yogurt – With fresh seasonal fruit plate

Turkey Bacon and Herbed Cream Cheese Omelette – Served with seasoned potatoes and chicken apple sausage

Belgian Waffles and Peach Compote – Served with chicken apple sausage

I’m not a big fan of cereal or yogurt (I find it disgusting) and every omelet almost tastes the same on American Airlines. That leaves me with the Belgian waffles which I haven’t tried yet and it sounds delicious. I wasn’t a fan of the peach compote sauce on the Cheese Blintzes I had two weeks ago because I found it too sweet and overpowering. I’m hoping there’s maple syrup as an option and I’ll definitely report back. Basically it’s the same dish as pictured below including the chicken apple sauce and peach compote sauce except replace the Cheese Blintzes with Belgian Waffles.


From Miami to Bogota, Colombia (MIA-BOG), my dinner meal selection choices are:


Chicken Panang – Sliced breast of chicken in penang curry sauce with stir fried Asian vegetables and basmati rice

Pasta Duo – Tortellini with pesto Alfredo and Florentine manicotti with Mediterranean sauce

It’s pretty odd to see an Asian dish (Chicken Panang) on a South American route from Miami to Bogota and quite frankly I’m sick of the pasta onboard American Airlines since they all taste the same. I’d have to go with the Chicken Panang dish which I’ve never had.

From Bogota, Colombia to Miami (BOG-MIA), my lunch meal selection choices are:


Ravoli – Stuffed with ricotta and spinach

Pork – Pork stuffed with spinach and plums

As previously said, I’m quite frankly sick of pasta dishes on American Airlines, so I would have to go with the pork option which I’ve never had. I’m surprised there wasn’t a longer description on both of the dishes since American Airlines likes to add adjectives to the entrees.

From Miami to Los Angeles (MIA-LAX), my snack meal selection choices are:


Fruit and Cheese Plate – Fresh mozzarella, cheddar and jalapeno Pepper Jack cheese accompanied by juicy grapes, cherry tomatoes, and dried fruit.

Poblano Soup and Southwest Salad – Seasoned greens with a black bean and corn medley, creamy cilantro dressing and optional chili-lime beef skewers accompanied by a Poblano Asiago soup.

Horseradish Encrusted Salmon – Served with Rice Pilaf and Sautéed Spinach

I actually flew this exact same flight and route two weeks ago with the same entrée selections. I chose the Horseradish Encrusted Salmon which was quite delicious.


Since I’ve already had the salmon on a previous recent flight, I would go for the Poblano Soup and Southwest Salad. My seatmate actually had this dish and it was a surprisingly large portion. He was served Poblano Soup, a large Southwest Salad, and given two chili-lime beef skewers (optional). That’s a lot of food and way more than filling than a small piece of salmon with rice.

Have you tried any of these new dishes from American Airlines and what options would you have chosen?


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