10 Things I Learned From My Recent Trip to Curitiba during the World Cup in Brazil

I recently got back to US this week from a whirlwind of a trip throughout Brazil for the World Cup. I flew into Sao Paulo and spent a few days in the city before the World Cup home opener game between Brazil and Croatia. Afterwards, I flew from Sao Paulo to Curitiba and spent one night. It was my first time in Curitiba and I didn’t know what to expect since I’m so used to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Here are 10 things I learned from my recent trip to Curitiba during the World Cup in Brazil.

1. The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Curitiba is amazing – The coolest part is that when waiting for the bus to arrive, you’re housed in a metal tube that’s freestanding. I took the public bus from Curitiba International Airport (CWB) to the city center for R$2.70 reais ~ $1.21 USD and best of all, it’s only R$1.50 ~ $0.67 on Sundays. It’s the best and most economical way to get from CWB airport to the city center.

curitiba2 curitiba1

2. There’s a street called Rua 24 Horas where everything is open 24 hours – There are about 30 shops and restaurants that never close and it’s located on Rua 24 Horas Street in downtown Curitiba. It’s quite fascinating to find a street anywhere in the world where you can shop and dine 24 hours of the day.


3. Old town is amazing – Old Town Curitiba feels a lot like Europe with cobblestone streets and quaint boutiques. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Brazil at all.

curitiba6 curitiba3

4. You need a special bracelet to get into Fan Fest – You can’t just show up at the FIFA Fan Fest in Curitiba and be admitted without a special bracelet. You have to obtain the special wristband inside the Curitiba Memorial building which is also called the Largo da Ordem. It’s located in Old Town Curitiba and nearby Tiradentes Square. Be aware that they do scan the bar-code at the Fan Fest turnstiles and they won’t provide a wristband at the door if you “forget”.


5. Fan Fests aren’t crowded when Brazil doesn’t play – The FIFA Fan Fest in Curitiba is open every day and it’s located in Pedreira Paulo Leminski Park which is north of downtown Curitiba. I went to watch one of the matches during the evening and it was pretty dead. When Brazil plays, you should obtain the wristband earlier in the day and head out to the Fan Fest two hours before the match before it reaches capacity.


6. You can get a Pastel with meat for R$1.00 ~ $0.45 USD – I was shocked when I saw a street cart vendor selling Pastels de carne for R$1.00 reais. They’re deep fried and usually filled with toppings. My favorite is the queijo one, but you can’t go wrong with either of them.


7. Rua XV de Novembro is a great pedestrian only street – I love pedestrian only streets because you don’t have to watch out for moving vehicles. There are plenty of shops and restaurants on Rua XV de Novembro along with local street vendors. It really comes alive during the day with throngs of people walking and going about their daily life.


8. The Brazilians prefer beer over caipirinhas – Although the caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil, locals mostly consume large amounts of beer. The best local Brazilian beer is Brahma.


9. Brazilian fast food isn’t too bad – I visited a Brazilian fast food chain called Giraffes and it serves some amazing local specialties. I had the Churrasco dish which was rice, beans, farofa, yucca fries, chicken, beef, and a side salad. It was a heavy meal and definitely filled me up.


10. Curitiba is very artsy – I found works of art to be present in museums, streets, and on murals.

curitiba curitiba9


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  1. Ana Roberta Soares | June 21, 2014 at 11:09 am | Reply

    I live in Curitiba and I was curious to know what you, tourists, think about my city. I Loved your comments but I think next time you can eat in a place that have a real Brazilian food haha. Our food is soo great. And never more eat Pastel for 0,45 USD. o//

    • thanks Ana for the compliment. I love Brazilian food and I pretty much ran out of time to eat in a proper restaurant. I only had one day in Curitiba so I was running around like crazy!

    • Can you name a few places to eat great local food? We are here visiting for a week.

      • Ana Roberta Soares | June 22, 2014 at 11:07 am | Reply

        Yeess, of course I can. I’ll tell you the name and address of the place.

        Ripa in Chulipa (hahaha funny name), is very close to the Arena da Baixada stage, there is served a meal called feijoada and is typically Brazilian, it is a delicious food for those who like meat and beans. The address is : Av. Iguaçu, 2172, Água Verde .

        Batel Grill , is a restaurant that serves churrasco, its so delicious. You can take many foods, including pasta, sushi. If you choose this place, ask the clerk for the all inclusive option and it costs 62.90. You can eat the will and is included soda. The address is : Avenida Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 78 – Seminário

        Madero, is an international restaurant that serves sandwiches. Have multiple addresses for this restaurant in Curitiba, has one inside the shopping mall Curitiba, but I recommend the address : Av. Bispo Dom José, 2377 – Batel.

        If you’re near the shopping mall Curitiba and decide to eat there, has a per kilo restaurant, we called this way. It is the next movie theater , call Aroma Minero, is a delicious, it’s worth going there to check.

        Sorry for my englissh, i hope i’ve heeeelped

      • You should go to Santa Felicidade! Its a grate place that have a lot of restaurants. The most famous is Madalosso. It’s pretty good,

        • Thanks for the suggestion Lucas! I’ll make note of it the next time I make a return trip to Curitiba.

          • Clarissa Bona | June 23, 2014 at 9:06 pm |

            Madalosso is really amazing, I love it! I’m from Guarapuava, about 250 km from Curitiba, since I was a little girl I love eating there every time I went to Curitiba. Last year I lived there next to Praça Tiradentes, which is far from Santa Felicidade, but I always went there because of the restaurants, it’s more expansive but worth it. You should visit the Tanguá park, it’s beautiful! Actually, you should visit all the touristic places, like Ópera de Arame – Wire Opera, Jardim Botânico – Botanical Garden, Museu do Olho (Museu Oscar Niemeyer) – The Eye Museum (Oscar Niemeyer Museum)…it is all amazing.

          • Loosely translated, “Santa Felicidade” means “Holy Happiness”. A great place indeed,

          • Thanks! That’s such a great name for a neighborhood in Curitiba 🙂

          • elisangela dos santos | June 24, 2014 at 3:06 pm |

            I’m a guide tour and I think the next time you should go to Santa Felicidade to know the place and the best restaurant that I consider: Old Madalosso. It’s amazing!

          • Thank you Elisangela for the restaurant recommendation! Old Madalosso has been mentioned quite a few times from other people so it must be a good restaurant!!

          • Well i’m glad you enjoyed Curitiba. I highly suggest going to the Barigui Park, the Patio Batel mall, Madero or Kharina which are great restaurants and go to Santa Felicidade!

          • Thanks Elisa. I’ve heard so many great things about Santa Felicidade and it’s on my list for next year!

          • The neighborhood of Santa Felicidade is known for Italian food, which is actually a style of cuisine that the colony of Italians in Curitiba developed, using Italian and Brazilian food.

            And with all respect to others who recommended about samba samba; when you come again to Curitiba, forget the samba; our city is known here and in Europe to export talents of lyrical singing; we have an excellent theater festival, and every january whe have the music workshop of Curitiba, that brings talented musicians from around the world to give master classes , where we have presentations of orchestras, choirs and symphonic bands, folowed by the MPB music workshop(MPB stand for Brasilian popular music). We also have great places to enjoy, 70s Rock & Roll, Blues and Rock a Billy stiles (Sheridans, Crossroads etc.). Just call me and I’ll show you that Curitiba is more of samba and feijoada …

        • Just to make it clear, the restaurants at Santa Felicidade are amazing, yes! But they are not tipical Brazilian food, they serves itlalian food!

          and a little correction for Ana Roberta: “churrasco” in English is “barbecue” hehehe

          • but “barbecue” and “churrasco” are completely different things. Churrasco is MUCH better.

      • Santa Felicidade is the gastronomic center of Curitiba, you’ll love it’s very beautiful, the food is great and the restaurants are VERY BIG (like Madalosso), Harvest Folk Bar (Rua Inacio Lustosa, 518, São Francisco) have great brazilian portions and it’s popular for they’re baguettes with southern brazilian filling and it’s from my family haha, Praça da Espanha (Alameda Carlos de Carvalho – Bigorrilho) on sundays they have a gastronomic fair with brazilian handmade food, and in the same street of this Praça da Espanha have great restaurants with brazilian food and all the kinds of food that you can imagine, Forneria Copacabana it’s a beautiful restaurant, they serve brazilian food (Av. Iguaçu, 2820, Água Verde), i hope this helped you and your family !

      • U really should go to Quintal do Guima (Guima’s garden). It’s located at Vicente Machado Avenue, near to Brigadeiro Franco Street. On this place, that is very famous, food is just brazilian snacks and u have to pay a fixed price, then u can eat everything u want of their menu, and u need to ask then to bring what u want and they give u small portions to u be able to try all the menu options. It’s a wonderful place and if u decide to go there, don’t forget to try the “carne the onça”, thats is a typical food from Curitiba and look like a raw kibbeh with bread and chive, and the “bolinho de costela com catupiry”. I’m sure u will love this place!

        • I absolutely love Brazilian food and especially local specialties. I will take note of your restaurant suggestion of Quintal do Guima for next time and I’ll need to have an empty stomach for that place!! Thank you again for the suggestions.

        • I agree. Quintal do Guima is a great option. great place, delicious food and good price. I should try escondidinho de carne seca. So good.

      • Hi Carissa!

        Glad you are visiting us!

        That is a really cool place called “Lanchonete Montesquieu” (not touristic at all) in the corner of Avenida Silva Jardim and Rua Desembargador Wesphalen. It is a little blue place that have awesome sandwiches traditional among Federal Tech students. (close to tube station Praça Eufrásio Correia or tube station Catedral da Fé/Alferes Poli).

        If you wan’t to try really good pastel (not as cheep though) search on various street fairs for “Pastel Yamashiro” or you can go to “Pastelaria Juvevê” at Avenida João Gualberto, 1817 (they have a huge type of pastel). (close to tube station Bom Jesus)

        If you need any help: louiseadvise@msn.com 🙂

      • Guilhermo Cruz | June 24, 2014 at 11:46 am | Reply

        One ‘must do’, that includes one ‘must eat’, is the train trip to Morretes. Considering that you´ll stay in Curitiba for a week, you´ll have time to do this.

        It’s a trip from Curitiba, through the atlantic rainforest conservation area, to Morretes. In Morretes, you can go to Madalozo and eat the Barreado, an unique and typical food from this city. You will travel through some amazing landscapes and eat some great food there.

        You can do this with Serra Verde Express.

        • Hopefully I’ll plan a week long trip to Curitiba next year and take the train to Morretes. I’ve heard about the Serra Verde Express and I’m glad there’s quick transport to the beautiful place. Thank you again for reading.

      • Rafael Jesus | June 24, 2014 at 4:40 pm | Reply

        “Bife Sujo” – I recommend that you go there on friday, because on fridays they serve an awesome beef ribs. Address: Rua Saldanha Marinho, 479

        “Caruzo” – On wednesdays they serve a tasty “feijoada” – one of the bests brazilian food. Address: Rua Visconde do Rio Branco, 877

        “Brooklyn” – they don’t serve local food. But talking about sandwiches, I think that there you will found one of the bests of Curitiba. And sometimes they serve boutique beer (I love it). They have three shops: The first is: Avenida Vicente Machado, 1059 (I think that this shop is the most silence one). The second one is: Rua Trajano Reis, 389. And the third is: R. São Francisco, 57

        I hope that you enjoy these places if you have the opportunity to know them.

        If you need some advice about some places to hang out on nights, please, let me know.

        Welcome to our city.

        Good vibrations!!

        • Thank you Rafael for the suggestions. I will take note of your recommendations! What are your nightlife suggestions? Thanks in advance.

          • Nightlife you should start on Praça da Espanha, after go to Woods Samba or DUC. Great places, and if you want comedy go to Curitiba comedy club

          • great! Thanks for the quick response. Do you recommend taking taxis during the night time versus walking and taking pubilc transit?

          • Rafael Jesus | June 26, 2014 at 7:38 am |

            Nightlife suggestions:

            We have a bar called TXAPELA. They follow the spanish style, and they have nice and cheap drinks called “chupitos”, what is a mix of different drinks (it’s a shot drink). Address: Rua Ébano Pereira, 269 – Centro. This is a bar just to spend the beggining of the night, ok?

            A bar called “Crossroad” is very good too. In there you can enjoy old rock’n roll. Address: Avenida Iguaçu, 2310

            If you’re looking for samba, you can go to “Aos Democratas” (Address: Rua Doutor Pedrosa, 485), where you’ll find a good draft beer, or ” Sociedade Treze de Maio” (Address: Rua Desembargador Clotário Portugal, 274) – personally, I love this bar because I feel comfortable there.

            Plus, if you’re looking for someplace more quite and cheap, I recommend that you go for a place called “Patch Art & Bar”. Unfortunately, they are closed right now, because they are making an sub-wood in the back of their bar (really, they are making this), but you can go there next time that you come here. There, the beer is very cheap, and if you play any instrument, you can get a guitar, the microphone, the bass or the drums that they let there to the customers, and do your show. This is my favorite bar in Curitiba. Address: Rua Professor Brandão, 51. Their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepatchartebar?fref=t

            I hope that you like this places like I do.


          • Rafael Jesus | June 26, 2014 at 7:45 am |

            Oh, I almost forgot. If you want go to a near place, I recomend that you go there walking (personally, I love walking). But, if the place is far, I recomend that you take a taxi, because on nights the public transporte is “lazy”.


      • Hello carissa the best restaurants in Curitiba are in Santa felicidade where is the largest restaurant in the latin america Madalosso !

      • Richard Souza | June 25, 2014 at 3:46 am | Reply

        Batel is the area for good food, Barolo’s, Letties, Terassara 40 all top restaurants, and don/t forget Mederio buger, central you have Mueluer Mall, and across a great French restaurant , Susi at hemp place. all good enjoy

      • Carissa, like Ana said, you should definitely go to Batel Grill! To me, it’s Curitiba’s best barbecue house ever!

      • Madalosso (traditional italian food), Steaks at Jardins Grill, Batel Grill, Fish at Bar do Victor, German food Bar do Alemão, Japanese: Taysho, Brazilian Food OR Comida MIneira there are a few on Mateus Leme Street or at the local malls.

    • Arildo Junior | June 24, 2014 at 12:10 pm | Reply

      Barreado Rocks

  2. Hey friend.
    I liked your text, wich made me feel so proud about my preety and amazing city.
    Actually I guess you have seen just a few of the great things we have to offer.
    I think you should come back with more time and more info to go arround and explore Curitiba deeply.
    Feel always welcome to come.

  3. It’s a big pleasure to receive so kind words from a tourist!! I hate to be brazilian, but I love my city !! haha
    Of course, we have some dangerous neighborhoods, like all the cities have, but generally speaking Curitiba is the best city to live in Brasil.
    In the next time come here on some Sunday, we have a fair called “feirinha do largo da ordem”… I’m sure you will love it !
    you’re always welcome bro, cheers!

  4. Roberto Vercesi Gugisch | June 23, 2014 at 8:57 am | Reply

    Being in Curiitba, do not forget to ride in the bus line called “Tourism Line”.
    It goes through various sights of the city and gives the right to decline, tour the desired dot and resume the tour next bus line.
    I recommend that walks up to the people who live in the city! : D

  5. I’m glad you liked Curitiba! Next time, stay longer and try some of the other many things we have to offer, such as the Botanical Garden, the local market in Old Town on Sunday mornings (handmade things – often made by the same people who are there selling), a quick visit to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, which due to it’s shape it’s often called the “Eye Museum” (Museu do Olho) by locals, the Tanguá Park, etc.
    Also, I’ve hosted some American friends recently and they seemed pretty amazed by the malls, so I guess a quick stop by a mall (Park Shopping Barigui, Shopping Palladium or Shopping Estação) just for curiosity wouldn’t be too bad, if there’s extra time.

    • Yes, I’ve heard about the Botanical Garden and that’s one of the first places I will visit when I return to Curitiba next year. Unfortunately my stay did not fall on a Sunday, but I did hear about the local market in Old town. The only mall I went to was Shopping Curitiba and Shopping Estacao which was near my hotel (Four Points by Sheraton Curitiba). Thank you for reading and can’t wait to come back to Curitiba next year!

      • This local market in old town is Feira do Largo (Largo fair) is a good place to visit on a Sunday, it starts at 8AM and go until 2PM. I work there, if you need any help when you come you can talk to me.
        Really, I’m from Curitiba, and 2 months ago I decided to visit the Botanical Garden with a friend, both of us came home amazed, I didn’t remembered how beautiful it is.

  6. believe me
    AMBEV beers (Antarctica – Brahma -Skoll) are the worst!

    try some artesanal ale, jus a few… but awsome

  7. There are a lot of amazing places in Brazil, specially in Curitiba. I agree almost all of your comments dear visitor (and a foreigner friend), but Brahma is not our best beer hahahaha. We have a lot of more. Take more days here next time. And ask me to take you on city tours and a food/beer tour.

    • Come to think of it, I think Brahma might be more popular in Rio and Sao Paulo. I will need to try a food and beer tour next time for sure! Thanks for reading.

      • Actually Brahma is the ‘less worse’ of the popular beers we have. For the heat of the country and for drinking large quantities as we do, it’s OK, especially the one made in AMBEV’s Agudos factory. These kind of beer have so poor quality control that the taste varies from one factory to another. Haha 🙂

        It is really great to see foreign tourists pointing our qualities out, because in the last months brazilians are suffering of low self-esteem due politics.

        Keep coming back. You are really welcome here!


        • I will definitely try out the more artesanal beers from Curitiba as others have pointed out that Brahma is not the best. Thank you for your kind words and yes, I do understand the situation with the politics and the Brazilian government. The Brazilians are still proud people of their country and culture despite corrupted government officials.

  8. Luiz E. Machado | June 23, 2014 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    You are invited to come more times! Loved to know that a tourist had a good time here.

  9. Marco Daniel Sato | June 23, 2014 at 7:56 pm | Reply

    If your are near by Arena da Baixada, you can eat in Folha Seca Bar, who is located at Rua Petit Carneiro, 394 Água Verde, omn saturdays on lunch, they serve Feijoada…. On Afternoon during the week, they have live music… If you want to see the website is http://www.folhasecabar.com.br/

  10. It was so interesting to read about my hometown from your point of view!!!! Sad you had just one day here, Curitiba definetly has more to show.
    And just a tip… Beware of the cheap pastels, especially on downtown (near Rui Barbosa square, for example). The “flango pastel” it’s somewhat a local joke, but a cousin of mine had an unpleasant situation with a chicken pastel once.
    Besides… Well, Brahma is the less worst. I go with the guy up here and stick to the artesanal ales (by the way: Hop ‘n’ Roll is a bar with a menu full of artesanal ales and a very nice ambientation. I’m sure you would have liked it) 😉

    • Yes, I only spent one night 🙁 Next year I will make it a priority to visit Curitiba for more than 1 night 🙂 I’m a sucker for pastels and thanks for the warning. I will definitely try the artesanal ales next time! Thank you for reading and I will make a return trip next year!

      • Well, I’m a doctor and work at emergency near downtown. From my experience, you should avoid the very cheap pastels on downtown, especially chicken ones. I’ve seen some intoxications already and a few gastroentheritis that needed antibiothics. Diarrhea is definitely not cool when you are tripping.
        A “safe” option can be pastels at 10 Pastéis, which is kinda of a fastfood restaurant specialized on pastels, with many more toppings and sizes. You can find one in almost every mall in Curitiba.
        And fir nightlife, you also have a lot of options, depending on what are you up to: nightclubs or bars, rock, samba, electronics or sertanejo (which is somewhat a country music)… You choose. Woods, as someone suggested, is a sertanejo nightclub. On Batel Avenue you have many different places and certainly some that will fit your taste. Largo da Ordem (the old town) has more an alternative nightlife, with rock and heavy metal gigs, and a lot of nice bars such as Schwarzwald, that is one of my favorites.
        Try the submarino someday. You won’t regret 😉

  11. I live in Curitiba and I found your text very interesting. Actually, most visitors from abroad go to either São Paulo, Rio, or some beach. So, I never really read anything about my own city.

    Anyways, if you really liked there are some options you should try in Brazil next time you come:
    1-Feijoada, which is a traditional dish involving both beans and pork, delicious and it has some variations, also served with some pepper.
    2-Going to Morretes, it’s a coast city with no beach(as far as I know) which has really good seafood restaurants, traditional architecture and it’s also a very beautiful place. Just one suggestion, even though the city is very touristic, I don’t know if there are many English speakers there since it’s a more simple town(I might be wrong about this statement), so I reccomend you going there with someone to translate you. They have another traditional dish called Barreado, based on meat and farofa. I really enjoy it and can’t wait to eat some next time I get there. Remember, this town is not too far away from Curitiba.

    Also, hotels will be much cheaper when not in the world cup, seriously, the prices are TOO high now. If you consider coming to Brazil again, especially Curitiba, don’t mind checking Feijoada and visiting at least for 6 hours Morretes and enjoying either seafood or barreado, if you go there, try some Mandioca Frita, it’s similar to fried potato. Polenta frita is another fried dish you should try if you find a place where they make them.

    About that Madero everyone was talking about, they excell at making sandwiches, but they also make some other stuff. Now, Madero’s hamburgers are not as good as Red Robin’s. I’m not talking lowly about us, but you just can’t compare our hamburgers to hamburgerland!

    God Bless,
    Marcos Gomes

    • I’ve been to Sao Paulo five time sand Rio three times now and Curitiba has a special place in my heart even though I’ve only been there for one day. Next year, I will plan on spending at least 3 days and exploring all of what Curitiba has to offer! I’ve had feijoada in Brasil and it’s my favorite dish. I will definitely check out Morretes as a day trip and I love seafood! I agree that hotels will be much cheaper when the World Cup is over. Thank you for all the suggestions Marcos and I’m sure it will help other tourists out as well!

  12. One more thing about pastéis(plural of pastel), Yamashiro, they sell on feiras, but change place from day to day, check them out!

  13. You are invited to meet other cities of Paraná.
    Curitiba is not the only beautiful city we have. When you return to Brazil, visit Antonina, Morretes, Guaraqueçaba, Foz do Iguaçu, which are tourist towns, but come meet Londrina, Maringa (the most beautiful cities – of course, I live here), Cascavel, cities that show the workforce the strength of our people.

  14. It´s so good to hear nice stuff about my city of an american!!! With all of these people talkin good things about brasil I hope the brazilians can see how good we are. 😉 Thanks Jamison for these words!!! Came back any time!

  15. Thanks for coming. Unfortunately (or not) you saw only the good things in our city. We have problems like all the others, but I love living here. Be welcome to return more often.
    Note: The car pictured in the painting is a Chevrolet Opala 75′-79 ‘and I have one of those.

  16. If you want to try the food of Parana State (comida paranaense), go to Farnel. It’s located at the Old Town. Try the Barreado.

  17. Sorry Jamison, but the 24 hours street use to be open 24 hours long long time ago. About 7 years ago. Today it just have the same name but it’s close at 10PM.
    And Brahma it’s not our best beer someone folls you… LOL

    But all the rest is right. Thanks for coming to our city and it’s very good that you like it.

  18. Our best beer, nowadays, is definately Budweiser. lol It´s been Brazilian since 2008…! And Madalosso, in Santa Felicidade, if I´m not wrong, is the biggest restaurant in the world. It serves more than 4,500 people ate a time!! Worth having a taste and asking to visit their kitchen!! Amazing italian food production!! 🙂 I completely agree with Marcos Caio, up there: Madero is a great place, nice environment and good food, BUT you come from where burgers are made… you´ll be better served with some feijoada and churrasco places. Try Napolitana Velha, really close to the airport, in São José dos Pinhais!

  19. Lucas Menezes | June 24, 2014 at 7:23 am | Reply

    Nossa, cheguei ontem de Curitiba e tive um impressão muito parecida com a sua, como fique mais tempo que você tive a oportunidade de conhecer outros lugares, realmente foi uma experiência muito boa, é uma cidade encantadora, se eu gostasse de frio seria uma experiência ainda mais agradável. Parabéns pela sensibilidade e objetividade.

  20. I really enjoyed reading this article about my city. I livre here and Curitiba is really amazing! Check this video about us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgjvEdm9JE8

  21. Andressa Silva | June 24, 2014 at 7:54 am | Reply

    Que bom que você gostou de Curitiba … Amo morar aqui.

  22. Just a correction: Rua 24 Horas used to be open 24 hours a day some years ago. Nowadays, it’s only open from 8am to 10pm because of low profits.

  23. Hi brow!!! I’m a Curitiban and i feel good that you like our city… all your comments are perfect except one, The better brasilian beer is the “Original” produced by Antartica. if you have opportunity to drink this one, enjoy!!!

  24. Number 1 and 2 are bullshit. The “24 hours street” business hours are 9am – 10pm due to high crime rates. Also, while the bus network is considered advanced to south american standards, it’s still far from amazing. Please do some research before posting. I won’t comment on numbers 3-10 because they reflect your personal opinion and that’s okay.

    • Can you be a bigger prick? Dude takes time to write something positive from Curitiba and you chew him out like a true ahole!

    • Oh boy, could you be less rude? This kind of comment pissed me off. People like you love to talk about the wrong things but I bet you do nothing for the best. When you just say bad words about the city (or the country) you only help to create a negative idea about.
      It’s only logical that the busses aren’t the ideal, but they work really well. And not only comparing in South American standards. After the revitalization, the 24 hours street is working very well. They are trying successfully improve that point.

      My conclusion is: Aren’t you a little bit shamed for be so inconvenient? You invaded the personal space of other person just to say some bad words.

      Go get some better things to do. Go to “Pequeno Cotolengo” do some volunteer work. Go talk with the old (and lovely) people in Rua XV. Go read something in our public library (is next to rua XV). Go drink some coffee in one of our hundred coffees. Do something useful.

    • Thank you for your constructive criticism. I don’t like to take overpriced taxis from the airports (which is usually very far from the city), so a public bus transportation is very welcoming. Not everyone has cars in Brazil and tourists usually avoid renting a car in Brazil, so other options other than expensive taxis are a relief.

  25. ramon girotto | June 24, 2014 at 9:15 am | Reply

    I live next to the 24 hour strret you mentioned and it isn’t actually opened 24h a day, it’s opened untill the 24:00 that is to say, untill mid-night, in theory ahah coz the sotres inside close at about 22:00

  26. Giullia Lenzi | June 24, 2014 at 9:17 am | Reply

    I live in Curitiba since I was born and I sooo glad that you liked here! It’s so good to read positive things from people that come to visit us! Curitiba is waiting for you to come back 🙂

  27. Excelent article Jamison, we are far from being perfect, but we’re getting better as a whole. Our city Curitiba is one of the best cities for living in Brazil. Thanks for coming!!!

  28. tifanigrande | June 24, 2014 at 9:56 am | Reply

    Nossa, me fala onde é essa rua do pastel de R$1,oo e coitado, foi comer justo no girafas,que nom que gostou 🙂

  29. Go to Bar Palácio for a classic churrasco experience, they’ve been there since the 50s. Great atmosphere and food!

  30. Victor Rocha | June 24, 2014 at 10:43 am | Reply

    It’s interesting to hear the opinion of people from other countries. In spite of being more famous, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro aren’t the best cities to live or to visit. Curitiba has more peace and it’s not so crowded, you’re lucky that you didn’t see a riot about the World Cup, the people who do this are idiots that don’t recognize the importance of tourists and discount their anger of government in a special event.
    *sorry if my english was wrong, I’m not so good hahahaha

    • Yes, I’ve been to Sao Paulo 4 times and Rio 3 times now and Curitiba is so different. I’m more of a city type of guy, so I automatically think Brazil is all about Rio or Sao Paulo, but that doesn’t represent all of Brazil. I did find that Curitiba is more laid back and peaceful with hardly any traffic at all! It’s not crowded and I didn’t see any World Cup riots in Curitiba. However, I did see a non-violent World Cup protest in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerias.

      • Victor Rocha | June 25, 2014 at 7:33 am | Reply

        Yes, these people know how to do a riot, but I think the only way to change this is voting right, but for years we are governed by PT (a left-wing party that STEALS our money while the public schools and hospitals are a trash!!). But they still voting for they because they give “Bolsa Família”, a money for the poor family, they virtually buy the poor people’s vote!

  31. Except from the Brahma beer preference, you were perfect… 😀

  32. Next time try to visit our Botanical Garden and Barigui Park, the biggest park in Curitiba. Very beautiful places and 2 of our most famous postcards =) and of course, feel yourself very welcome everytime you’re here! I own a Rock’n Roll club in Curitiba called Blood Rock Bar, closer to the old town and Largo da Ordem. You’re my guest to visit us next trip!

    • Yes, I will definitely need to visit the Botanical Gardens as I keep seeing beautiful pictures of it!! I will keep Barigui Park in mind as well. Thank you for the kind invitation to your bar as I will look out for it!

  33. I live in Curitiba and I love this city! It’s nice to see you tourists knowing a little more of us, because we are somewhat different from Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Our climate is cold and full of beautiful people, parks, museums …

    • Hopefully this article and the comments from Curitibans like yourself will provide tourists with a lot of useful information about Curitiba 🙂 Yes it’s definitely different from the state of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia!!

  34. Loved your review. And next time you come, stay some more days and get to know a little more about this adorable city. Cheers.

  35. Next time, come to Foz do Iguaçu too. Is a lovely city to know and the only in the world that has two of the world wonders (The Iguassu Falls, Wonder of Nature and Itaipu Dam, Wonder of Modern World).

  36. Hi! I live in Budapest, but I am from Curitiba! It’s so nice to read your opinion about my city!
    But you have to come back other time because one day it’s not enough, you didn’t have the oportunity to see the best things there!
    And I am really missing the “pastel” but my favourite one is with meat! *—*

  37. Ótimos comentários de Curitiba! cidade linda. Quando voltar ao Brasil (Paraná), conheça também as cidades pequenas que também são muito bonitas, Congonhinhas e Conselheiro Mairinck. cidades pequenas do norte do estado que tem muitos pontos chamadas turismo rural.

  38. Cyril Clayton | June 24, 2014 at 12:02 pm | Reply

    I am British but have visited Curitiba 4 times staying for extended periods on each visit. I am so happy that you enjoyed Curitiba. When I am back in the UK and tell people that the place to visit in Brazil is Curitiba they don’t believe me as they have never heard of it. I absolutely love Curitiba, the place, the people are amazing. Please take more than 3 days to visit it next time. They have so many wonderful parks and other places to visit with their own local influence. You should also allow time to visit the Falls and the Dam, both are absolutely amazing. Someone mentioned the train ride to the coast, fantastic!, do it.. An extended visit to the coast is also very worthwhile, you will love it. Hope this helps

    • I don’t like to spend more than 3 days anywhere in the world, but I will definitely spend at least 3 days in Curitiba next time! Yes, I would love to visit the Falls and the Dam. I have an Argentinian and Paraguayan VISA as well and I love how close Parana borders to those countries.

  39. Come here more times!! Feel welcome!

  40. HannahontheMap | June 24, 2014 at 12:48 pm | Reply

    I’ve never been to Curitiba, but I hear it’s one of the most organized cities in Brazil. I just have to disagree with one thing you said, Brahma is not the best beer in Brazil! There’s much better beer here 🙂 Great article!

    • Yes, it’s very organized and tranquil. People don’t rush here and it’s so laid back. I love it there and can’t wait to come back! Yes, as many others have said, Brahma is not the best beer =/ I will need to try out the artesanal beers out next time!! Thanks again for reading.

  41. Recommend the Scaramouch Bar is small but fantastic
    Padua Fleury Street, 977 – Hauer
    who wants to go add me – https://www.facebook.com/patricia.dejesussilva.96

  42. Curitiba has a lot of amazing parks… Have you vist Tangua Park? Or maybe “Bosque do Alemão” (German Woods)? They are beautiful, I love to go on weekends!

  43. I´m super proud of my city and felt even more so after reading your article. Thank you for your appreciative comments and sincerity, Jamison, and for coming to my town with such an open spirit. This made all the difference, believe me! All the best from a Curitiba born and bred.

    • I love trying new things and exploring new places Adeli. Curitiba holds a special place in my heart and it’s a total different vibe from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I’m glad to have able to experience the Brazilian charm in Curitiba.

  44. Jamison, Curitiba very happy to have pleased you, still has much to learn here. My name is Carlos Eduardo, and I’m from Curitiba! I was thrilled with what he described! and come back more often, if you need a tour guide … will be a pleasure to welcome you and show you more of this city I love so much.

  45. Lucas Kordiaka | June 24, 2014 at 4:26 pm | Reply

    Actually, Giraffas is the worst restaurant we’ve got here e.e

  46. Francielli Santana | June 24, 2014 at 5:05 pm | Reply

    I loved to read your opinion about my city. You’ll always be welcome.

  47. Thanks for your kind comments…
    Next time, spend more time and get a look another pretty places, like Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden), Santa Felicidade Neighbor, and try Skol (beer) a popular beer and better than Brahma (sure).

    Thanks again!

    • Yes, I will look at more pretty places next time! Thank you for your suggestions.

    • I will definitely visit the Botanical Gardens next time and the beautiful Santa Felicidade neighborhood. Yes, I have tried Skol, but I saw more people drink Brahma! I love all kinds of beer, but I will need to try out the artesanal beers from Curitiba next time. Thanks for reading!

  48. Awesome article! Thanks for writing! I used to live in Curitiba. I feel it is very similar to Charlotte, NC (where I live now). If you liked Giraffa’s they have a few restaurants in Miami!

  49. Awesome review! My city rules!!!

  50. I am very glad you liked my adopted city. I must say, though, that 24 Hours Street is one of the most depressing places we have and that there a lot of beers better than Brahma (and no, Skol isn’t one of them). I know you only had a short amount of time, but that just gives you a good excuse to come back again in the future (and when you do, read my blog for some background information on the place).

  51. Renato dos Santos Abreu | June 24, 2014 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    Hi, Jamison
    I live here, in Curitiba. Thanks for your words so kind about my city.
    Enjoy our city every time you want to. If you need some information about Curitiba or other cities, you can find me on facebook (Renato dos Santos Abreu).

  52. N’tWhat a lovely review!
    Tourists are not the only ones who don’t know what a lovely and interesting city Curitiba can be!
    I’m from Curitiba and sometimes I catch myself wondering: “what tourists could possibly do in here?”.
    I couldn’t be more ridiculous. There are lots of beautiful places to visit! Curitiba is known as the ecological capital because we maintain the streets clean an also because of the beautiful parks, where can breathe some fresh air and spend some time among the trees!
    But it’s not only. Museums all over, food is great, people are kind (well, most of them) and what a great food you can taste.
    We are used to that, so perhaps we are not able to notice things as a tourist does. But yes, I’m proud of being Curitibana. Can’t say the same about being Brazilian, I need to be honest.
    Dear friend, come back so we can show you more! Don’t forget to stay longer so you can eat pinhao, visit Morretes (lovely trip by train trhough Mata Atlantica) and try our barreado. There are also lovely small villages like Lapa and Paranagua that are really close. You’ll love to visit those places and get to know more about our ancestries and history.
    Thank you so much for visiting Curitiba and for being so kind!
    Hope to see you back soon!

  53. Liriane Kampf | June 24, 2014 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Curitiba is amazing!! I live here for all my life and I’ll never change it for any other place in Brazil. I like Sao Paulo a lot, bit Curitiba is a great place fo those who want a healthy andcheap life. And come back here soon. Bring.some others tourists to meet our city!! P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

  54. SUBLINHANDO QUE FOI DURANTE A COPA … 1 – você não entrou nos tubos nas horas do rush e nem pegou um ônibus tipo lata de sardinha sentido bairros periféricos, eu não ando de ônibus em Curitiba nem em sonho, prefiro andar a pé, sem carro Curitiba é impossível … 2 – a rua 24 hrs só está aberta pela copa, normalmente tem horário para fechar pelos roubos constantes … 3 – algumas ruas do largo da ordem lembram bem distante a uma Europa atual, talvez um ou outro prédio e os paralelepípedos, causem esta impressão, porque da Europa histórica não tem nada a ver … as outras coisas “até concordo”, mas sinceramente você teve muita sorte de não ser assaltado, porque é comum ver assaltos a lojas diariamente e batedores de carteira circulando no centro da cidade, a farmácia Nissei aqui ao lado é assaltada no mínimo uma vez a cada semana, claro, com a copa o policiamento triplicou e obviamente os ladrões não são tontos …. pra quem vive em dólar ou em euro, o real não vale nada e o que já é barato fica mais barato ainda, mas sem dúvidas você não passou no Pátio Batel. Você até parece ser curitibano, povo que acha a melhor cidade do planeta, sem nunca ter viajado nem pra Buenos Aires. sinto muito mas a realidade curitibana é totalmente outra e o mais incrível é que você não falou do que Curitiba tem de melhor, os parques que estão por todos os cantos da cidade.

    • Já estive algumas vezes em Buenos Aires, Mariana, e moro em Curitiba desde que nasci. Não sei onde Buenos Aires é melhor. Em termos de arquitetura/história, é tão bonita quanto, porém de um jeito diferente (claro, pois o período de crescimento da ambas não foi o mesmo). Os preços só são mais em conta porque a Argentina está em crise. O trânsito em Buenos Aires é infernal e quando você opta por táxis, a chance de ser enganado é imensa (não que isso não ocorra aqui… Mas em bem menor quantidade).
      Ninguém está chamando Curitiba de primeiro mundo nem dizendo que temos estrutura urbana de cidade européia. Não temos. Nem por isso Curitiba deixa de ser uma cidade bonita, agradável e com boa qualidade de vida, mesmo com os contras de metrópole americana.
      E sim, o transporte público em horário de pico é um inferno e tem regiões da cidade que me dão medo de andar sozinha. Mas tá muuuuito melhor do que a maioria das outras capitais brasileiras (das que eu já visitei, com certeza). Ou você não conhece? Porque desculpa, sinceramente, sua crítica pra mim soou como um comentário baseado em opiniões pré-formadas dos outros, lidas na internet ou vomitadas pela mídia aberta.

  55. Guilherme 70s | June 24, 2014 at 7:08 pm | Reply

    I’m glad for your comments about my city, ’cause I love living here. Our city and our culture is very different from the rest of Brazil. At the Carnaval (carnival), we have a “zombie walk” through the streets, (but we have a weird samba too). Our culture is very diverse – young people living technology, old cars and rock’n roll enthusiasts, sport lovers, street performers in popular fairs, some decent pretty girls and the “Oil Man”… Oh, better not to know.

    Come back more times (and sorry for my cheap english).

  56. Liriane Kampf | June 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm | Reply

    And when you return, don’t forget to let us know to give you some good tips of places that only we know!! To eat the “X-Montanha” is one of those tips!! 😀

  57. I love my city(Curtiba) its such a honnor !

  58. hi Jamison,

    Just one day in Curitiba won´t be possible to see 10 really amazing points, but you got some…

    Nevertheless, one of your list is very wrong…number 9 – you have to come back and reconsider it…Churrasco is something… not what was described for you.

    9. Brazilian fast food isn’t too bad – I visited a Brazilian fast food chain called Giraffes and it serves some amazing local specialties. I had the Churrasco dish which was rice, beans, farofa, yucca fries, chicken, beef, and a side salad. It was a heavy meal and definitely filled me up.

    • Hello, I am glad that you had liked the little travel in our city. But I would like to know what toughts did you have about Curitiba before you get here and what is now after have you visited our city? have you twisted your mind? would like to come once again?

  59. there are some places that who goes to curitiba should know … lets begin at the Botanic garden ( my favorite place) Its a amazing park and its so easy to get access by bus. there you can get great pictures and have good times with a peaceful view of the city . Another place that i love is the Parque Tanguá … I advice to go there at sunset and enjoy the view of the waterfall and the rock wall, its all so great. I live in front of the Praça do Japão .. Its really a beautiful place to take pictures and relex ( stay close to curitiba mall at batel ). I love running at Parque Barigui, the view is amazing and there is a lot of Capivaras ( a native animal) near the lake. ( all of these places are free). i left my heart at santa felicidade neighborhood, there we can find the best restaurants in the area (primarily Madalosso ). if you want to know how is the real brasilian food taste , you should go to a CHURRASCARIA ( steak house) there is a lot of them at the Avenida das torres ( the avenue that links the city center to the airport ).. then, Curitiba is a fascinating city, has a great nightlife and good places to meet. Particularly I love this city. I’m so glad to see good Comments of your stay and i hope you come back one day. thank you

  60. and the next time you should go to Florianopolis … there has the best beach in Brazil and its not far from Curitiba

  61. Kelly Batista | June 24, 2014 at 8:24 pm | Reply

    Eu definitivamente amo Curitiba,.minha Cidade!Girafas não é uma boa Escolha! mas recomendo o Bairro de Santa Felicidade,Sério é muito bom, principalmente as churrascaria próxima ao centro do Bairro! E os barzinhos a noite ! CURITIBA é diferente do restante do Brasil, na verdade cada canto do país tem 6 má qualidade diferente,uma cultura diferente que vale a pena Explorar!

  62. Pedro Jungbluth | June 24, 2014 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    next time, you can save some money for a hotel, stay here in my house!

  63. nice one, Curitiba is amazing city, I had been there for a couple of months, I will be back for sure, I live 500 km from there, in small town the name is Floresta, very close Maringa.

  64. Luiz Eduardo M Bond | June 24, 2014 at 11:03 pm | Reply

    Man, when you come back you should rent a car and go to Graciosa road, it is like 30km from curitiba but it is the best touristic spot in the neighbourhood.It is a road that in the past was used by the locals for cattle, it is an amazing road with the best view of Serra do Mar, (a chain of mountains with atlantic forest), and after you run more 30km of low speed curves(it is indeed a dangerous road to go above 40km/h but if you stay in that range it is safe), you should go to Morretes(a little town that has a lot of local food restaurants that serves the local meal “barreado” , the restaurant i recommend is “Madalosso” it´s the same name of the one in Curitiba but it´s not the same, there you can eat very good barreado , and some nice fishes, rice, fried banana , and some other stuff) and if you got time you should go visit antonina too, these two cities are two historical ones, if you liked Largo da Ordem you will go crazy there, little towns with a beautiful old look! and if you want to try some other nice place in Paraná, i recommend Foz do Iguaçu to see the Iguaçu Falls, one of the 7 wonders of nature , these you should go by plane because it is 700km from Curitiba.

  65. 24 Hour street is not open 24 hours anymore – because curitiba is very dangerous for tourists and for who lives here – and curitiba is even more dangerous at night – so after 11:00 pm 24 Hours Street closes.

  66. hi mate, just one day in Curitiba is for sure not enough , btw is the first time that i see an american guy talking good thinks about Brazil. anyway , Curitiba is one of the best cities in Brazil, despite of residents been suberb , selfish , arrogants, it is a good place to visit, im from ponta grossa a closed town, about 100 km from ctba , which is a town pretty much the same like ctba , i mean , the buildings and streets, if u pretend to came back to Parana , try to go to Ponta grossa and see the most beautiful stones park, called Vila Velha . check it out , and enjoy ur next visit to Brazil.

  67. This Post is so so Fake, for sure! Nobody would be that specifical or use so many details.

  68. I came here 15 years ago from Ann Arbor a true ex-pat. Nice review and “tourist view”. Living here of course is different but Curitibanos love this place and don`t talk bad about it. 😛 and Morrettes is definitely a must on your next visit. By train or by car via Estrada Graciosa. Positives in comaprison to the US, cost of living (anything you use day to day), traffic (although it`s gotten worse over the past 5 years), fresh fruits and vegetables year round. anything and everything else? Adapt. If you come back feel free to look me up.

  69. Hello. disagree on your comment about the best Brazilian beer. Brahma is one of the worst beers here. The best of Brazilian brands Skol is, but we Budweiser brewed in Brazil that is surely the best of all ..

  70. Apart from saying that our Old Town Centre does not look like Brazil, for me is Brazil at it´s best. Glad you love Curitiba.

  71. Quem fala mal de Curitiba é porque desconhece as dificuldades de outras cidades em outros países. Afirmar que o curitibano é difícil, é puro rotulo, puro mito . Somos educados e prestativos , Quem tiver duvida , venha nos visitar. Sejam muito bem vindos!

  72. Curitiba has many areas that tourists do not know, are called cities of the RMC (Metropolitan Region of Curitiba), which is the cradle of all wealth generated in our capital, because there is a skilled workforce, regional tourism and with very development, therefore, to know the truth Curitiba, must also know the RMC.

  73. In my opinion, Curitiba is really a nice City,and have their problems like any other city in the world.I think before World Cup, maybe the autochthonous( the locals), start to change their behaviour about how they treat others.Actually, they know that tourists are important for the economy and so, that’s why some say that they “like”, tourists, in fact they don’t like only their compatriots.If you come from abroad, that’s ok,no problem at all, but if you live here (in Brazil) they aren’t “so kind”, even when they are on traffic.I hope a lot o people start to want to visit “our” city and come to enjoy spending some days with us.And believe me I know what I’m talking about, working with Hotels and Hospitality since 1994 I’ve saw a lot of things happening!! 🙂

  74. Olá , amei seu Post sobre minha cidade, só queria fazer uma Observação, Curitiba é conhecida como a Capital do Rock , no carnaval aqui temos a Zoombie Walk acho que vc iria gostar de conhecer, toda a cidade vira zoombie e sai para andar nas ruas do centro de curitiba, acabando a caminhada com muito rock”in roll :).beijooooooooo

  75. Milena Thais | June 25, 2014 at 6:09 pm | Reply

    I think if you had stayed here more time, you’d be in love with Curitiba because here you can find a wonderful culture and other good things obviously. Thank you for the compliments.

  76. The Brazilians prefer beer over caipirinhas!! Isso aí!! 🙂

  77. Among the brazilian state capitals, Curitiba and Florianópolis are the best, no doubt.
    Ps. Brahma is crap.

  78. Tina Woiski de Macedo | June 26, 2014 at 7:15 am | Reply

    Hello Jamison! I loved that you wrote about my hometown Curitiba. And I’m also so proud to see so many young people answering you in a good English, in an educated way! This filled my heart with joy, to see that young “curitibanos” are so well prepared and “civilized”!
    I hope you will come back to Curitiba. Best wishes! Tina

  79. Great depiction of my hometown… I’d agree with all except that bus stops are a positive feature…. They do look nice, but are expensive (curved glass), don’t fit well passengers, and are not comfortable from temperature standpoint: too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer….

  80. Mercado pega fogo | June 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    the city hall shared this pageon their twitter, that’s why the flooding of comments (*flys away)

  81. I agree with everything you wrote but this point: “The best local Brazilian beer is Brahma”.
    Please come to the south and drink Eisenbahn, Bierland, Das Bier. They will make you change your mind.
    If you like beer and enjoy brasilian/german parties, come to Oktoberfest in october.

  82. Guilherme A Casarotto | July 3, 2014 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Santa Felicidade is actually the name of a Catholic Martyr, Saint Laetitia(Laetitia translates to Happiness, Joy, things like that).
    I suppose the italian immigrants who settled there were devoted to this saint and that’s probably where the name comes from.

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