The New Delta Sky Club LAX Evening Buffet Spread

Last week, I flew out of Delta Air Lines’ Terminal 5 at LAX International Airport for my fall vacation to San Salvador. I hadn’t been to LAX Delta Terminal 5 since earlier this year in March when I flew to San Pedro Sula, Honduras via Atlanta. A lot has changed since my last visit, including new dining options. I couldn’t believe they got rid of McDonalds and replaced it with a duty free shop. Every other restaurant I saw was brand new, except Lemonade which I absolutely love.

I had a chance to visit the LAX Delta Sky Club in the evening which had its own recent renovation earlier this year. When I last visited the Delta SkyClub back in March of this year, I had the same old olives, hummus, Stacy’s Pita chips, and veggie tray. When I re-visited last week, I was blown away by the new Delta Sky Club LAX evening buffet spread.


The evening buffet spread consisted of cookies, various cupcakes, skinny pop popcorn, roasted corn salad, and marinated mushrooms.

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I did not see a single olive which was weird because I was totally accustomed to seeing them at Sky Clubs. Gone were the stale hummus spread out of a plastic container, pita chips, and veggie tray. It was absolutely refreshing to see new items at the Delta Sky Club for a change and change is good. Heck, I didn’t even see the salty and savory snack dispenser.

In the end, I had two cokes with lime, three cupcakes, and the roasted corn salad which were delicious.

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The cupcakes aren’t Sprinkles quality per se but passable for store bought ones. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes at any time of the hour. The roasted corn salad was a cold and delicious refreshing snack before my flight where a full dinner awaited me. I love the new Delta Sky Club evening buffet spread and American Airlines needs to step up their Admirals Clubs and provide real food other than stale pastries and croissants for breakfast.


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