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Singapore 2014: Qantas Lounge at SIN

Singapore 2014: Qantas Lounge at SIN

This was the best OneWorld Lounge in SIN. This was after some renovations being made to the Qantas Lounge about a year ago when it was closed for a few months and OneWorld customers had to use the British Airways Lounge down the hall.

The long bar was very nice and the first thing you see when you walk past the entry hallway. There are a large number of yellow armchairs to your left.

Once you walk past the bar, you come up on the dining area, which is huge. There is a large mix of cold food and hot food. There was soup, rice, fish and chicken. There was also a good spread of dessert as well.

I would highly recommend coming to this lounge. Again, this is also open later in the afternoon to support connecting flights between Sydney and Europe.

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