Starbucks to Launch Prepaid VISA Card

It looks like Starbucks is jumping on the bandwagon finally and introducing a prepaid VISA card, which nets you Starbucks points, but can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Details are kinda sketchy right now, but the media outlets are picking up some chatter about it.  I actually thought it was like the old BankOne Starbucks Deutto VISA card, which I actually had back in 2003.  It would give you “Starbucks”, which could’ve been redeemed for free Starbucks merchandise, including drinks, treats, and other stuff sold in the stores.  The Duetto card fizzled away when BankOne was acquired.  I should’ve kept the card, as it would’ve been a churners collectors item.  On any note, I’m anxious to know what the terms and conditions are with this prepaid card, and how Chase will market this product.  Of course, you will find it readily available in Starbucks locations, but the REAL questions are going to be for me are:

  1. Can I purchase this with a credit card?
  2. Can it be used for manufactured spending?
  3. Do I dare let my Starbucks addicted sig. other “borrow” this card?

Here is a blurb from USA Today regarding the upcoming Starbucks  prepaid VISA Card.

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  1. johnthewanderer | March 26, 2016 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    That could be interesting. I wonder what methods they will allow for funding it? Now that Starbucks is moving to the revenue model I wonder what I means for the point earnings?

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