Gilt Groupe Launches Jetsetter Now – same-day hotel booking tool

Yesterday I had the opportunity to appear on Huffington Post Live with Gilt Groupe founder Kevin Ryan. During the conversation Ryan shared some great tips for shopping online this holiday season and talked about Gilt’s newest venture – Jetsetter Now.

Jetsetter Now is a same-day, mobile only app that offers deals up to 60% off. Initially rooms will be offered in Jetsetter’s top seven markets: New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston and Chicago. What makes Jetsetter Now unique is that the name of the hotel is not disclosed and remains a mystery until the room is booked (which Jetsetter says provides greater discounts), each property is Jetsetter-Verified (meaning a Jetsetter employee has stayed at and reviewed the hotel and scores 87% or higher with reviews), and the app tells you how many rooms are left at that hotel.

Within the Jetsetter iOS app, you’ll now see a tab labeled ‘tonight’. Same-day deals always go live at noon. You can click on what city you want to find a hotel in, and the app will show you your options.

Once you find a hotel, you can choose to pay with your credit card or, if you have a Jetsetter profile, your credit card info will automatically upload. Something that makes this app unique is that Jetsetter has partnered with (acquired by PayPal this year) which allow users to snap a picture of their credit card allowing the app to automatically upload your card information. The app has Apple Passbook integration (so make sure you have the most recent version), so you can drop reservations into Passbook. If you’ve enabled push notifications, when you get within 500 yards of the hotel, the reservation will pop up on your device.


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