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I am one of the founding partners of First2Board and current owner. You can contact me at stacey@first2board.com.  Simply put, I love to travel.  For the past 11 years I’ve been traveling for business and pleasure.  Along the way I’ve found my passion, exploring the world and having a good meal while doing it.

I have worked for several technology companies and several National Hockey League Teams. These unique career choices have given me ample opportunity to explore travel and hospitality.

I have been featured in and have contributed to NewsWeek, US News & World Report, USA Today, Huffington Post and Huffington Post Live.

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Kate: Traveling With Tots

As a former road warrior I thought I encountered most of  the traveling horrors from sleeping in an airport to being delayed for days to sitting next to “that person” on a red eye. It wasn’t until that I traveled with a colicky infant who is now a busy toddler that I really understood the exhaustion and the reward of travel. While delays and travel horrors are certainly frustrating and mind-numbing as a traveler – navigating these waters with a baby in tow adds a whole new level to the challenge…and I’m always up for a challenge! So here’s to traveling with a tot and, hopefully, never being “that person with a kid” on the flight!


Rachel is based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and her career as a consultant brings her to many destinations in the U.S. On the road, she loves having a good meal or a cocktail at a new hot spot. She is currently stashing her points for international travel with friends. Rachel dreams about the perfect vacation where she can indulge in a decadent meal, visit the historic sites like a local, and enjoy a nice long run on the beach.

John: Two Guys Travel




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