Join First2Board In Charleston South Carolina

First2Board is very excited to welcome our readers and travel fans to Charleston, South Carolina during the weekend of September 6-8th for our first event – The Charleston City Sessions.   The idea is that we’ll hold “sessions” in different…


In The First 83

Eighty-three days that is. First2Board launched 83 days ago.  Seems like it was yesterday Dennis, who writes Lufthansa Flyer, Casey who is our Tech Guru and I launched First2Board. As we’ve grown from our initial 10 blogs, we’ve continued to…


First2Board Secrets Revealed

If you haven’t noticed, a lot is happening at First2Board!  We launched on March 1st with a huge bang and haven’t stopped growing since.  We started with 11 amazing bloggers – and even had to wait for a public vote…

rfid sleeve copy

Freddie Award and F2B RFID Credit Card Sleeves confuse TSA

Yesterday, after the FTU seminars, I headed to DCA. I got in the priority lane and noticed that the two people in front of me had MilePoint luggage tags.  I asked if they’d been at the seminar. It turns out…

truth6 copy

The Truth About Why I Left Boarding Area

Who knew that the conspiracy theorists and drama queens would crawl out of the woodwork to speculate, blog, comment, tweet, etc…about why I left Boarding Area. Some of the conspiracy theories have given me a good old fashioned laughing fit….