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Do You Buy Products You’ve Tried In Airline Amenity Kits?

If you’ve flown in premium economy, business class or first class on an international flight you probably remember getting an amenity kit that contained some socks, eye shade, ear plugs and a few other goodies.   I love amenity kits,…


United’s Frequent Flyer Program Changes Help JetBlue!

I can’t count the number of emails and Facebook messages I’ve received about the changes to the United’s Frequent Flyer Program.   Everyone seems so distraught about the changes, but let’s be realistic, the changes only impact a small number of travelers….

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Seat

Germaphobes beware: Airplanes Can Make You Sick

People who know me tend to laugh and strangers raise their eyebrows when I get out my alcohol swabs or Lysol Wipes on an airplane.  But a new study conducted by Auburn University and Wake Forest University researchers shows that…

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Air on the Side of Humanity With JetBlue

Today,  JetBlue launched a quirky new marketing campaign, ‘Air on the Side of Humanity,’ to remind customers there is a better way to fly.  The campaign documents the plight and perspective of the most overlooked fliers of all – pigeons. JetBlue says…

Global Entry Kisok

Airline and Airport News From Around The World

As I scan different websites, magazines and newspapers I find some interesting tid-bits about travel.  Several Airlines and Airports had interesting news to share over the last few weeks.  In case you missed it…. Pittsburgh International Airport is installing two…

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How To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles For Your Pet!

Want to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles For Your Pet?  You can now earn points for your pet. How?  It’s easy, just fly Virgin Australia. From Virgin Australia: We know pets are part of the family and in an Australian-first members…


The Stranger Side Of Virgin

Virgin Atlantic is giving Upper Class passengers the chance to cool their in-flight drinks in the most innovative way possible this Spring – with the launch of its ‘Little Richard’ ice cubes. The bespoke ice cubes, which will be served…

Jet Blue

Most Bizarre Statement Of The Week: @OneMileAtATime “JetBlue Even More Space on par with the 1st class…”

“JetBlue already offers “Even More Space” seating, which I’d say is almost on par with the first class products offered by many airlines domestically” I read a lot of blogs. Some I read regularly, other I read when a headline…

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The 21st Century Tray Table Is Here

According to Smart Tray International, sales of devices like iPad and tables exceeded 65 million in 2011. They forecast that by 2015 sales will exceed 287 million and more than 780 million devices will be in consumer hands by 2016….


Thankfully The Angries Won’t Be Able To Fly With Knives

Today the TSA announced, and it has been heavily reported, that they will drop efforts to allow small knives on-board aircraft in carry-on luggage. The reversal came after lobby groups representing flight attendants, airlines, pilots and relatives of terror victims…


$1700 First Class Round Trip to Hawaii from PHX

I decided early on this year that I wanted to go to Hawaii over the winter holidays.  So this week I began looking for flight options. I thought I’d use a frequent flyer ticket, but just wasn’t finding anything that…


Famous Fashion Flies

Did you know that some of the best designers in the world are responsible for some of the flight attendant uniforms you see in the air every day? From years gone to current day trends, designers are setting their sights…

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Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Is Better Than Upper Class

Yes, there, I said it. I can’t believe I said it.  How is it possible that an airlines premium economy product is better than it’s business class product? Well, let me tell you . I flew Virgin Atlantic Upper Class…

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You never forget your first time

“You never forget your first time.” The slogan used by Virgin Atlantic when it introduced direct service from Toronto to London. ” Flying in the face of ordinary.” The current slogan in use by Virgin Atlantic which suggests its flight…

Envoy Suite Configuration

The End Of Free Business Class Upgrades? I’m Excited!

Sharron Livingston, of Travel Magazine, wrote a piece this week outlining why the end of business class upgrades may be a thing of the past. I have to admit, the headline caught my attention!  Austrian, Air New Zealand, El Al,…


Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?

I arrived at the airport yesterday, as I mentioned in an earlier post, for a flight that marked my 2 millionth mile flown (and that’s with zero mileage runs, it’s all been business travel.) Charleston, SC is a very small…