How I Got A $60 Avis Rental For $40

Since rental cars can be expensive, I am always looking for new ways to save.  I recently found a Groupon offer for Avis.  $20 for $40 to spend on a 2+day Avis rental.  I bought 2 – the limit – and wasn’t sure when I’d use them, but knew they’d probably come in handy.

I recently decided to take a quick trip to Dallas – for reasons I’ll discuss in another post – and looked for low cost rental car options.  I did some quick searching and found cars at DFW for $27/day +tax – not terrible for an airport location.

cars at dfw

Then I looked to see what price I could get using my Founders Card benefit at Avis. The rate using the Founders Card was $36/day for a standard car (the cost of a standard was only .02 cents more than a compact car) – a savings of $4 off the advertised price.  Total price for the 2-day rental was $66.01


Then I recalled the Groupon’s that I’d purchased.  I am an Avis First member, so I was happy to see this offer. When I applied the Groupon I found the deal was even better than any of the other advertised deals I’d found.  The rate was $32/day + taxes – $4 less than the Founders Card deal – bringing the rental to $60.90.  Applying the Groupon further reduced the rental to $20.90.



I paid $20 for the Groupon. Add on the $20.90 remaining on the rental and I’ll have spent $40.90 for two days or $20.45/day.  That’s $7 better than any other deal I found.   This was a great way for me to use this deal and I’m glad I scooped it up!

There are only 6 days left (as of 10/25/13) to purchase this specific Groupon deal.  I


*Note: I am a Groupon Affiliate – I will receive $0.20 for a $20 Groupon purchase if you use my link.  Every cent counts, so I appreciate your support! 

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